How To Find Friendship as an Adult

When you were young, certainly many friends – your classmates, your neighbors and your playmates – surrounded you. But time passed by and so did your friends. You got caught up in the flow of life and slowly, you and your friends from youth started to drift apart. Now that you want to gain friends again, you are at a loss. The only friends you get along with everyday are perhaps your co-workers. However, you want to find friendship outside your workplace. It might be harder to find friendship as an adult than when you were a teenager.

The following are some tips to guide you in your search:

  1. Examine yourself. What character traits do you have and what character traits do you look for in a friend? What are your interests, hobbies, pet peeves and favorites? Are you looking for love, or just plain friendship? You need to answer these questions so you know whom you can get along with and become friends with.
  2. If you haven’t gone to a party for the longest time, then it’s time you do so. Attend your neighbor’s kid’s birthday party. Graciously accept your co-worker’s wedding invitation. This way you will meet more people and hopefully bump into a potential friend.
  3. Say hello to people you meet along the corridors of your apartment building. Never mind if it’s a grouchy old woman. Who knows? You might strike the right chord with her and be friends for life.
  4. Flash your smile generously to people you meet in subways, bus stops and restaurants. A smile is a message that you are open to friendship. If the person smiled back at you and returned your greetings, he or she may be open to friendship too.
  5. Sign up for cause groups, clubs and organizations. Make sure, however, that you are joining not just for the sake of finding friends but because you also have genuine interest in the group’s activities.
  6. Open an account with social networks on the net. Facebook, Plurk, Twitter, Friendster, Flixter and Multiply are some of the popular social networks where you can possibly find old as well as new friends. You can also check out adult friendship sites, but make clear it is pure friendship you are looking for and not a relationship.
  7. Create a blog and write an interesting “About” page. In the course of your blogging, you will definitely come across readers with whom you may develop a rapport later on.
  8. Host a party and bring people to your home. Encourage your invited guests to bring along their friends or families. Their children can be your children’s friends too, and before you know it, you have already created a circle of friends not only for yourself but for your family as well.

This article could go on and on in giving you advice on how to find friendship with fellow adults. However, if you just sit around in your comfort zone and not lift a finger to go out and socialize, the friendship you are seeking may not come at all. Therefore, leave your cozy nook and meet people. Good luck! 


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