How To Find Ideas for Party Favors

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On most occasions, the host gives a simple gift of gratitude to guests who attended the party. Guests oftentimes look forward to receiving these small tokens to commemorate that the certain event had occurred. So how do you come up with party favors, which will make your celebration more striking?

Here are some tips, which will give you ideas for creating suitable party souvenirs:

  1. Reason for celebration - What is your reason for the celebration? Are you having a wedding or a child’s birthday party? Knowing the cause for a celebration is one of your bases for making a souvenir. If you are having a wedding, then wedding favors to be given should pertain to what symbolizes your marriage or your desires as a couple. If you are having a children’s party, then party favors to be given should be something that other kids will enjoy.
  2. Identify your motif - Themes for parties are mostly based on what the celebrant is interested in. Your motif and favors must be compatible. A more popular theme for your child’s birthday is a costume party of his favorite animated show where he can portray his favorite superhero. Ask your child for his most wanted cartoon so you can prepare the party supplies such as cake, tarpaulin, balloons, party hats, gift bags, small toys and puzzles embedded with his favorite cartoon characters. As for sweet sixteen, you can give out personalized masks for a masquerade party. For simple church weddings, miniature wedding bells or doves are some of your common souvenirs.
  3. Identify your guests - List the names of the persons who will attend your party. Know as well the age group, gender, and social status of your guests.  This way, you will have an idea on the type and the number of souvenirs to be produced. Unisex giveaways are fail safe in case the event has mixed attendees of men and women or boys and girls. Expect a number of children, including their parents and younger siblings, coming to your child’s birthday party, so produce as many mementos as possible.
  4. Allocate your budget - How much money are you going to spend for that particular party? Is this a grand celebration or a simple one? Understanding your reason for having a party, knowing your party theme, and identifying the number of attendees will give you an idea on how you can plan for gathering your resources. Prices vary but choose what is in accordance to your budget. Be sure to plan and be practical. If you want cheaper souvenirs, you can provide your own. Kids will enjoy simple goodies and cheap keepsakes such as candy bars and chocolates placed inside gift bags. For sweet sixteen, you can giveaway modified small picture frames design based on your personality or you can purchase or produce handmade candies placed in small transparent boxes tied with ribbon. For a wedding, if your budget is enough, you can purchase elegant silverware where the bride and groom’s first names are printed.

Parties and events are lackluster if you fail to give even a simple remembrance of the celebration. It does not matter what party favor you are giving out, as long as the thought comes from your heart. You can visit websites such as for more ideas on party favors.


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