How To Find Love on Campus

Grown-ups will tell you that college is all about getting an education, but there are some things a book just can't teach you. Like where's the best place to meet people on campus or hot spots to go on a first date. Here you'll find quick tips to help you navigate the college dating scene.

  1. Seek and Ye Shall Find. It's almost impossible not to meet new people in college. You'll most likely be assigned to a dorm packed with eligible mates. If you don't make a love connection there, check out the smart cuties in your classes or at the library. Getting involved with student groups is another way to expand your circle of potential dates. Shake up your patterns. Do things that you wouldn't otherwise be doing. Still searching? Nearby coffee shops, restaurants and bookstores are also prime hottie-spotting locales!
  2. Get Your Gab On. If you want to spark an interesting conversation with someone, modesty goes a long way. You don't want to focus the whole conversation on yourself or keep talking about yourself. Opt instead for an engaging topic such as a controversial speaker who visited campus recently or a funny story you've heard about a well-known professor. Your chit-chat is sure to soar from there.
  3. Take the Plunge. Ready to ask your crush out, but feeling nervous? Use it to your advantage. Open with, "Listen, I'm a little nervous to ask you out, but if I don't, I know I'll regret it." Round up some cool date ideas before making your move -- stop by your school's student center for information on upcoming concerts, shows and other happenings both on- and off- campus. If you're looking for a more casual approach, set up a study date: Ask for help in a class. Say, 'I'm having a little trouble, could we go for a cup of coffee together?'"
  4. Find the Time. It can be difficult to put aside time for romance, especially when you are an ultra-busy college student. You really need to make your work top priority. After all, you're investing a lot of time and money in your education! Another solid investment is a student planner, perfect for keeping track of exams, parties and plans with friends. One quick glance at your calendar will reveal when you have a free evening for canoodling.
  5. Play it Safe. No matter how you go about conquering the college dating scene, always remember to protect yourself from dangerous situations. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 32 percent of male and female college students are victims of nonsexual dating violence, and 27.5 percent of college women report instances of rape or sexual assault. Keep yourself safe on campus and out on the town by following these guidelines.

    • Never go to a party alone.
    • Keep a close eye on your drink, even if it's just soda.
    • Always head home with the friends you arrived with.

Sitting through long lectures, pulling an all-nighter, getting that term paper in on time - that's the easy part. Finding someone special who'll shower you with kisses after acing an exam or bring you flowers when you're down in the dumps, now that's the hard part of college life.


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