How To Find Out if Someone is Alive

There are times that you may wonder about someone you have known in your life and haven’t heard from in awhile. Other times, you may think about members of your family who seem to have just disappeared and you no longer have the means to get in touch with. Trying to find out if someone is still alive may not really be as difficult as you imagined it to be. Despite the passage of time, there are ways to go about getting this information. Here are a few ways to put your mind at ease and know for sure whether a person is still alive or not:

  • The first step you will need to take is gather all the personal information you can get on the person you are interested in finding out about. This should include his/her full name, which is very important, as others may share the same first and last name. It is unlikely though that they would have identical middle names as well. If you have access to the last known address, try to add that on too. Try to obtain the person’s birth certificate as well. The social security number is just as important to be able to access the information you need from offices and sites where they can be made available.
  • There are certain government offices where you can go to for this type of information. They have records on file that you could check to get what you need. From all the data you have gathered about the person, you can try presenting them to these offices and see what you can come up with. The county clerk office is one particular place that can provide you with the information you are looking for.
  • Go online and search for specific databases that offer the service you are seeking for. Not only will you find out whether the individual you are seeking for is still alive, you may even get information on where they are currently residing and how you can contact the person too. You might also make a background check on the person if you wish to do so, simply by visiting specific sites. If the person has passed on, you can find out as well through the obituary provided for, including specific details of the cause of death.
  • Try searching for other family members of the person because they would probably know about what has happened to this person. You may not even need to go through different ways to get your answer because it may just be obtained easily from people who know the person or are related to him in some way.

Along the way, the information you may get could not be what you expect. If you had wished for a moment that the person was still alive and found out that he wasn’t, it could really be a sad experience. But then again, it is much better to know and have some kind of closure, rather than keep wondering for the rest of your life whatever became of this person. On the other hand, you could come up with positive results and probably be able to renew a relationship that has been missing for a long time. Either way, it will always be in your best interest to know for sure.


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