How To Find Real Friends

A lot of people would define a real friend as a treasure. Just like in searching for treasure, an effort should be done. But before anything else, there are some crucial questions we must consider: What do you think are real friends? And what is the secret of having real friends? According to the proverb, a friend loves at all time and becomes a brother in times of trouble. However, there's more to friendship than just having a shoulder to cry on. When real friends see you going the wrong way, they will try to warn you before it is too late. He or she will give you warnings regardless of your reaction. A person who thinks straight and talks straight is thus the kind of person you want as a friend, right? A friend should also help you to feel clean (if going into the wrong path) and in renewing your self-respect. And we must remember that age should not be a barrier to friendship. Given below are the steps to be done for us to find real friends that will stand by us through whatever comes along.

Step 1

Be interested in others. Having interest in others is the first step towards making friends. We should start by having a real love for people and then taking an active interest in others. One way to show interest is to know their name and remember it. Others are often impressed that you cared enough to remember their name. And with this, they may begin to share some experience or problems with you and the friendship starts to build. However, this doesn't mean that you have to be a hand-pumping extrovert. Actually, a sincere interest in others attracts friendship. And often, simple things like sharing a meal together or assisting someone with a task, can serve to deepen a friendship.

Step 2

Pay attention to how you listen. Being a good listener is important in building friendships. If we are interested in what others are saying, they are typically drawn to us.

Step 3

Be loyal. It is said that the main quality of a friend is his loyalty: a friend that will be with you through thick and thin. A real friend shouldn't wreck your reputation by joining in vicious gossip; instead, he or she will loyally stand up for you.

Step 4

Reveal your deepest feelings. A friend should not be embarrassed to lay bare to those whom he trusted. This, of course, doesn't mean that you should pour out all your emotions to everyone that you meet. However, we should be honest. And as you get to know and trust someone, you can gradually reveal more of your deepest feelings. A secret for a successful friendship includes empathy and fellow feelings for others.

Step 5

Do not expect perfection. We aren't perfect. And even when a friendship is off to a good start, we shouldn't expect it to be perfect. We must strive to make it an almost perfect kind of friendship. And to attain it, we need time and emotion. Willingness to give is a large part of friendship. You may have your own feelings about things but you're willing to give in to make room for your friend's feelings and opinions.

Friends are important to our lives. Sometimes, they are our source of strength and inspiration. However, we must remember that for us to finally meet real friends, we must be a real friend too. We must not just expect God to give us the blessing of friendship, but also for us to be the "blessing" to others. May you finally find your real friend!


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