How To Find Siblings After Adoption

Most adopted people, regardless of the living situation with their new families, will reach a point in their lives where curiosity and wonder will increase and begin to occupy their thoughts. When this happens, the only realistic way to put the mind at ease is to search for the biological links of your existence. Finding your parents and even siblings can be a daunting task that will entail a lot of research, effort, and time on your part. Finding your parents may be a bit easier but finding your siblings will definitely be more difficult especially if other families adopted them as well. Not to worry because here are some details on how you can execute the search and eventually reunite with them.

Birth parents. The easiest way to find them if you have already made contact with your birth parents is by simply asking them. If your birth parents put up your siblings for adoption as well, then they would definitely know where you could start the search. Ask them if they have the current address or telephone number of your siblings. If not, the next best thing is to ask for the contact number of the adoption agency that handled your sibling's adoption. If this option is not a viable search alternative, then you can proceed with some of the more detailed search efforts.

Birth certificate office. If you have a good inkling of where your sibling was born, then your best bet in locating your sibling is to go to the city and state and visit the birth certificate office or any local agency that keep public records of people living in the city. You can easily request a copy of your sibling's birth certificate for as long as you know his full name. Make sure you give the exact names of your parents to ensure that you get the correct records.

Court records. If you know the full name of your sibling and have some recollection of the places he used to reside in, then a good idea is to visit the particular city and state and check public court records. Since the records are public, you will be free to conduct your search to learn your sibling's address in that city.

Social media sites. Facebook and MySpace are some of the most popular social media and networking sites on the Internet with over a billion users combined. These sites feature a good internal search engine where you can search for people by name, hometown, school, and affiliations. For as long your sibling has a profile in any of these two social networking sites, you should be able to find him easily.

Online white pages. Another fantastic online resource for people searches is through online white pages sites like,, and These sites will help you search for specific people by name, city, and state. Think of these sites as an online emulation of the traditional phone book that most people used back in the day when the Internet was still in its conception.

Finally, if these strategies, you can hire a private investigator to conduct the search for you. Obviously, this option will require some financial capital but if you are desperate enough, the expense should be worth it.


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