How To Find Someone’s Address: Searching for People

Learn the Process to Find a Person by Address Without Paying Money

Searching for the right address

People often wonder how to find another person's address. Over time people move from place to place and we can lose touch with our friends, colleagues and extended family over a period of time. Often, you may not have recent and accurate information on their whereabouts, or you are looking for specific person(s) as part of your official work or business. When doing a search for a person, finding an address for whoever you’re looking for is not difficult or complicated; you just need plenty of time and patience while you are trolling through cyberspace in your quest. A few simple suggestions on how to go about this task are listed below.

  1. Required details: Begin by gathering as much information as possible about this person. When searching for people, helpful information to know includes first and last names, date of birth, old addresses, if any, city, state or country of residence, zip codes, employment details and any/all telephone numbers you might have.
  2. Web Search: Log on to the internet where you will find numerous search engines you can use to search for a person; these can provide links to websites that provide information on people. Some of these charge you money to provide the required information; there are many others which do offer free services.
  3. How to begin: Start with search engines such as Google or Yahoo! You can enter search words or phrases such as “find people” or “look for address” or simply “people search”. This will throw up all links and sites where you can look and select a site or link which suits your requirements. Be warned, though - it will take a lot of time as you browse through hundreds of links. The solution to this is to keep refining your search terms as much as possible so that only relevant and useful links are thrown up.
  4. Direct Search: A more direct method of looking up an address is to type in the personal information you have such as the full name, only surname, telephone number or employment information such as name of the company the person works at, etc. Google has some pre-defined searches that allow you to look for people with details of telephone numbers you have.
  5. Online Directories: Another helpful source if you have the full name and/or the telephone number of the person you’re seeking are the White Pages, which are available online; this can help you find anyone whose home phone number is listed. Obviously you can also look up information on telephone directories in real time and manually if you know the town or city in which this person resides and you have details like name and telephone number.
  6. Special Groups/Reunion Sites or Official Records: There are many social and business-oriented networking sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn where thousands of people are registered and where searching for people can be easy. Other sources where you can look are official websites of local government authorities, departments such as taxation or Social Security, electoral rolls or gazettes and archives. If you are looking for old classmates and friends, sites such as or or will help you. These have information updated by year of passing out and name of the educational institution – school or college – which makes your search that much simpler and easier.

Remember that there is nothing that you cannot look for on the internet today; the suggestions listed above are just a small fraction of the various methods you can employ when trying to locate someone. If you are willing to pay there are many options available, both on-line and in real time.


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