How To Find Your Soul Mate

Destiny may exist, but it will cease to work in your life if you do not open yourself up for it. You may be wondering if finding your soul mate is possible. Countless stories of serendipity may spur you on since these things truly happen in real life if you are open for them. Are you ready to find your soul mate? Be very excited because just as there are many ways to get from one point to another, there are also many avenues by which you can find your one true love.

The search for a love mate or spiritual mate is elusive for some. But that doesn’t stop people from aspiring for soul relationships. A finder such as astrology techniques is some method people use to get closer to what the stars has to say. Others are more proactive and joins dating websites such as meet my friend and consult their daily dating astrology with it. But beyond all of that, here are some of the best ways and practices that can help invite that special someone in your horizon.

  1. Meditate. That soul connection can only be verified by a strong internal discernment. Some people call it ESP, others call it intuition. But whatever you call it, you need to be able to get in touch with that part of yourself. Meditation is a good way to ensure that you are able to determine what makes for soul mate connection versus a temporary fling.
  2. Get to know your soul. How can you find your soul mate if you are not familiar with your own soul? Get to know yourself first, and this is not just an archaic thing that Greek philosophers rant about. Take personality tests, get to know your strengths and weaknesses and try to make the most out of you so that you will be ready when your soul mate comes. 
  3. Leave the past behind to embrace your present and brighten your future. Some people commit the mistake of compromising the present because they are tied to their past. Don’t be one of those people. You need to let go of all previous attachments so that you can be open for new things. 
  4. Be very open to possibilities. The best killer of finding your soul mate is close mindedness. In these kinds of things, it is best to make good plans but not obsess over rigidly following your life plans. What if you decided not to sail at sea and then your soul mate ends up to be an avid sailor? Be open to all possibilities that life may bring.
  5. Live the virtue of patience. Patience will help you get through the storms, and not allow you to settle for a quick fix during those times when you feel like giving up and that no soul mate is coming for you. 
  6. Treat things like sand. Yes, you need to treat the whole idea like sand: not to hold it too tightly that it will slip from your fingers, but at the same time, not too lightly that it will fly away from you.
  7. See the signs: relaxation, acceptance, giving and growth. The true test of soul mate connection is if it lasts the test of time, gives you ample room to grow as individuals and there is that special quality of acceptance and giving without having to try to hard or go out on a limb to be understood.


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