How To Forecasting Sex of Unborn Baby

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When you are expecting, determining your unborn child’s sex is exciting. You want to start ahead and color the walls of the nursery, buy clothes, and choose a name. In today’s modern world, the most accurate way of determining your baby’s sex is by ultrasound. However, before this equipment was invented, our ancestors relied on several methods, to help forecast a fetus’ sex. These methods have been passed on from generation to generation. So, do not be surprised if strangers predict your baby’s sex by just looking at your belly.

Here are some fun ways of forecasting your unborn child’s sex:

  • Chinese Birth Calendar. The Chinese Birth Calendar or Pregnancy Calendar was based on a 700-year old document discovered in Beijing. Its claim to fame is its 99% accuracy rate of predicting your baby’s sex. You just have to go to the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar page then plot the age of the mother during conception and the month the fetus was conceived. If the 2 lines intersect on a box colored blue or labeled with a B, then the baby is a boy. If it lands on a pink box or on a box with a G, then the baby is a girl.
  • Numerical theories. It is a mathematical equation that uses the same data as the Chinese Pregnancy calendar. If the sum of the mother’s age at conception and the month of conception (5 for May since it’s the 5th month) is even, the baby is a boy, while odd indicates a girl.
  • Maternal changes. Several predictions can be made from maternal changes observed during pregnancy. Among the most popular is the difference in cravings during pregnancy. If you are carrying a boy, you crave for salty and sour foods, as well as those rich in protein, such as meats and cheeses. If you carrying a girl, you would prefer sweets, fruits, and juices. Your appearance also changes depending on the gender of the fetus you are carrying. Mothers who carry boys have a very round belly, almost like a basketball, and most of the weight gain is out front. They appear to look better, now that they are pregnant, compared before. Those carrying girls have a more oblong belly, similar to a watermelon, and most of the weight gain is on the hips and rear. They feel less attractive as they are prone to breakouts and dull, thin, hair. Lastly, mothers carrying boys had less episodes of morning sickness as compared to those carrying girls.
  • Fetal heart rate. According to studies, boys have a heart rate less than 139 beats per minute, while girls have a heart rate of at least 140 beats per minute.
  • Hair/thread/yarn test. This test has been used for several decades and revisions have been made regarding the materials. Common to all is the use of the mother’s wedding ring. A strand of hair or thread is used to tie a part of the ring then the ring is hung over the belly. If the ring swings from side to side, the baby is a girl. If the ring moves in circles, the baby is a boy.

Baby gender predictions should not be taken seriously since there have been no tests to prove their accuracy. However, they sure offer a fun way of spending time during the 9 months of waiting. Whether you are believer or a skeptic, have fun and try out these activities with your friends or your partner. But, make sure that you regularly see your obstetrician to ensure your baby’s safety and your own.


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