How To Get a Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is something that you will use on many occasions to prove that your child is indeed your own. After that, your children will use it to help identify themselves. It is important then to get a birth certificate quickly after having a baby. Many hospitals provide the form needed to get the birth certificate, some don't, and many times, the rush in bringing home the baby can make it difficult to keep track of such forms. You can still get the birth certificate easily.

  1. Go online. Go online and find your state's website. This is usually "" You want to make sure that the site you visit is indeed a .gov and not a .com. This is the designation for government websites and this will be official.
  2. Find out what you need to do. Most states have a very clear process for acquiring a birth certificate. You will need to go to the link about birth certificates or public records and read the instructions there.
  3. Check out the form. There will be a form you need to fill out. It will include all important information such as the baby's name, his or her parent's names, and place of birth. Some states let you fill this form out online, but there are a few that require you to print it out and fill it in by hand.
  4. Send the form in. For the states that let you order online, you can simply send your form in electronically. It will require that you pay for the birth certificate ahead of time with your own credit card for payment and verification purposes.
  5. Pay the fee. The fee will usually be in the range of ten to fifteen dollars, with the option of paying for two copies. You can pay by credit card or check if you are mailing it in. The form will usually include space for your credit card information.

It should be noted that some states require you to go to the county website (county of the baby's birth) and get the birth certificate directly. Many counties make it easy with electronic filing, but others need requests in writing.

It is also possible for you to go to the county clerk or the county courthouse (depending on where your records are stored) and request a birth certificate in person.

  1. Find out where to go. You can find out where to go online at your county's website.
  2. Request a birth certificate. You will want to let the clerk know that you are there for a birth certificate.
  3. Fill out the form. Make sure you have all the important information you will need, including the names of baby and parents, and place of birth.
  4. Pay the fee. You will still have to pay a fee, but chances are it won't be as large of a fee. Many state and county sites require an extra fee to acquire your birth certificate online.

It is as simple as that. You can do either method and get a birth certificate for your new baby, or one for your child should you lose his or her birth certificate. You can even follow these steps and get a birth certificate from the state and/or county of your birth and get a copy of your own birth certificate.


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