How To Get a Fetal Doppler for Free

Fetal monitor
Before 1958, mothers had no way to detect whether babies inside their womb still had a healthy heartbeat. Thanks to Edward Hon, the fetal Doppler or Doppler, helped parents be at ease about their babies’ condition inside the womb. Wouldn’t it help you get peace of mind if you know that your baby’s heart is still beating normally?

The problem is, dopplers can be expensive considering that they can only be useful for some months. Renting dopplers is possible from some baby-related companies. However, some parents don’t have even the cheapest money for renting a Doppler. Good news for you. Getting a fetal Doppler for free is possible.

Here are some ways on how you can get a free fetal Doppler:

Check Tiny The founder of this website lost a child due to still birth. She believes that her son could have been saved if she only had a Doppler at home to monitor the baby from time to time. Due to this, she founded Tiny The website is helping women through free Doppler rentals. You have to qualify in their standard, though, before you can rent a free Doppler:

  • Doctor’s prescription to use a Doppler.
  • Have previously lost a baby because of ectopic pregnancy, fetal demise, miscarriage, stillbirth, high risk pregnancy, and delivery complications.
  • You are at least 12 weeks pregnant. Doppler is still useless during the first 12 weeks because the baby’s heartbeat can’t be detected yet.

Doppler borrowers must return the device within 10 days after giving birth. If not, you will be charged for the Doppler.

If qualified, contact them at [email protected] You will be sent with a liability form or you can download it now. Return this form by emailing or faxing it to 650-593-2451. The prescription should be emailed or faxed, too.

Check ads or post an ad on Freecycle. The website’s purpose is to encourage reuse and recycle of things including dopplers. Search for your area or sign up for an account first. Use the website’s search engine to look for a Doppler. Type in “Doppler” in the “words to look for.” Narrow down the search result by including preferred dates and checking the “Offer” post. As an alternative, you can make a new Wanted post. State your need for a free Doppler and be hopeful that somebody will see your post and will be generous to choose you for her hand-me-down.

Post an ad or check free listing sites. Craigslist and other similar websites are commonly used by sellers to market their items. But these can also be a venue for mothers who want to get a free fetal Doppler or give away a used Doppler.

Check with friends and local clubs. Ask your doctor or friends if they know any organization or anyone offering a Doppler for free. You’ll have a slim chance of getting a free Doppler this way but at least, it is worth a try. Doing this can be your easiest way to get a free Doppler.

If you can’t find a free Doppler, at least for rent, you can consider visiting the nearest government clinic in your area. See if they allow using of their in-house Doppler for free. It will be a great way to exercise if the clinic is walking distance from your house.


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