How To Get Along with your Girlfriend's Friends

Girls think guys are like buses. A guy comes along every ten minutes but a true blue girlfriend comes once in a lifetime. This is a significantly smarter version of a guy’s “Bros before hos” speech.  A girl is smarter than you think because in most cases, she will choose her friends before you. This is why it is important to be on the good side of her gal pals and get along with your girlfriend’s friends.

The sisterhood of girls is the way to a woman’s heart. You cannot get anywhere without the help of her friends. You may get past her defenses at first but these girls are like her back-up security system. They make you feel cozy and welcomed, but as you rifle through her stuff, the cops are breathing down your neck.

With the help of this guide, you can finally get along with your girlfriend’s friends. You don’t have to be best friends with them; you just need to co-exist seamlessly. You would not want to put pressure on your girlfriend by making her choose between you and her girlfriends. You will not win in that scenario anyway.

Sit back and watch. This is not because you are waiting for something raunchy to happen. You are merely trying to not look like you are overeager to impress them. Also, you want to let the spotlight focus on them. This is not easy considering they are there to get to know you. Let them ask questions and answer them as well as you can. After a few minutes of questioning, they will eventually tire and talk about their lives. Listen to them talk and watch how they interact. There will be one friend who will be your ally. Usually it is the one nicest to you, but she is most probably the one you click with the most.

Stay friendly and stop being a guy. Your girlfriend is bound to have attractive friends. It is just the way it is. Everything in your loins will push you to hit on her. Ignore these impulses and remain a friend. If you can’t control yourself, you will just get beat up by your girlfriend. Her friends will hate you if they see that you can’t be faithful with her. If you can't control yourself around her friend, how in the world can you keep it in your pants for the other women out there?

You must support their friendship. Your girlfriend is the way she is because of her girlfriends. That in itself is a good enough reason to get along with your girlfriend’s girlfriends. Don’t be all controlling and start forbidding her from seeing her friends. The second you do this, her friends will want you out of their way.

Agree to what they have to say. To get along with your girlfriend’s girlfriends, you will have to watch what you say. Make it look like you are the strong silent type. If you are very opinionated and would like to prove your point, tell them what you think politely. Do not keep pushing your point because that will lead to arguments. Most importantly, do not be a smart ass. They hate smart asses.

The Spice Girls once said, “If you want to be my lover, you have to get with my friends”.  That is exactly what you need to do. The Spice Girls are the stereotypical gal pals. You have the hot one, the scary one, the baby of the group, and, of course, the crazy one. No wonder they sold that many albums. If you are a guy, you have to be down with the spice girls to get along with your girlfriend’s girlfriends. She will heed their words and so should you.


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