How To Get Court-Ordered Paternity Testing

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The birth of a child is probably the most important moment to the parents. Even if the mother and father are not married, the father can sign a form in the hospital acknowledging that he is the biological father. However, there are instances that the biological father doesn’t want to take the responsibility to his child.

If you’re a single mother and the biological father of your child doesn’t want to take the responsibility of supporting the child financially, you can request for a court-ordered paternity testing. With the court-ordered paternity testing, the father will be requested for DNA testing to determine if he is really the biological father. If the test result is positive that he is the biological father, he will be requested by the court for child support.

If you want to get a court-ordered paternity testing, here are the steps:

  • You need to consult a legal counsel to get a court-ordered paternity testing. Legal counsel can be your hired lawyer. However, if you do not have enough money to pay for a lawyer, there are nonprofit organizations that provide free legal aid services. These are volunteer attorneys giving free services to help people who can’t afford to hire a paid attorney. If there are no available free legal aid services in your area, you can ask help from the office of your state’s attorney general. The attorney general's office of your state is responsible in making sure that the biological father of every child gives child support.
  • Once you have the court-ordered paternity testing, DNA testing will be done. Blood samples will be taken from the alleged or putative father, the child and the mother. However, there are instances that blood samples are only taken from the putative father and the child and not from the mother. Make sure to do this in a laboratory specializing in DNA testing and not just any in available clinic.
  • Once DNA testing is done, you need to wait for the result. The result of DNA testing is 99.99% accurate. If the result is positive that the alleged or putative father is the biological father of the child, he will be ordered by the court for child support. However, this result will also give him the right for child visitation and also allows him to fight for child custody. If he ever decided to have the custody of your child, he can file a request to the court, which you will be settling with him. If he wants to visit the child, he can also ask for visitation rights so he can spend time with the child. This is because even the parents are separated from each other, the law is on the side of what will be best for the child, which is to be able to spend time with both the parents.

With the court-ordered paternity testing, you will be able to prove who the biological father is and ask for help in supporting your child. You don’t have to be the only one supporting your child, both parents need to do it.


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