How To Get Free Backing Papers for Card Making

A greeting card is a card used to express feelings to another person. Greeting cards are usually given on holidays and special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries. They are also given even if there are no special occasions as a way of saying thank you, sorry, congratulations or if you just feel like showing someone how much you care. There are different types of greeting cards such as standard greeting cards, photo greeting cards, musical greeting cards and electronic greeting cards. A standard greeting card is the traditional card made of folded card and usually with a design on the front and a message inside the card. A photo greeting card includes a photo inserted on the card or printed as a design or background on the card itself. A musical greeting card is a card that plays music when opened. An electronic greeting card is a card sent via e-mail or other online sites. You can buy greeting cards for all occasions from your local bookstore. There are also a lot of available free electronic greeting cards that you can send using the Internet. You can also opt to make your own greeting card. The person you will give the greeting card to will feel more special because you personally made it. The materials that you need in making a card can be found in bookstores and craft stores. A backing paper is a material that you can use in making cards. You can get free backing papers for your card making. This will allow you to make a special card without having to spend much.

If you want to get free backing papers for card making, follow the steps below:

  • Access the Internet and search for websites which offer free backing papers. To do this, go to or and type “free backing paper” on the search field then click the search button. The search result will be listed. Click on each site that offers free backing paper for more information on how to get one.
  • One of the sites which give free backing papers is Go to this site to check how you can get free backing papers.
  • There are online newsletters that are sent to e-mail with information on how to get free backing papers. You can sign up for these newsletters. is one site that sends online newsletters.
  • There are blogs on the Internet that are about backing papers. Some blogs allow readers to get their backing papers samples for free. One blog site that you can visit to get free backing papers is
  • Download backing papers on the sites that allow you to download them and make sure to check on the terms and conditions before downloading.
  • Some craft stores give free items like backing papers as a promo. You can go to your local craft store to see if they have promo for free backing papers. Since you will also be using craft materials for your card making, better buy them from a craft store with free backing papers for lesser cost.

With your free backing papers, you can now start making a card for someone to express how you feel.


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