How To Get over a Long Term Relationship

Every relationship is a risk. Long term relationships do not always lead to marriage and may also end. Most people often think that their long term partner is going to be “the one” and this is what makes it so difficult to move on. It is never bad to let yourself feel sad about what happened but some people get depressed and it can lead to a worse situation. Here is some advice to help you with your recovery.

Do not communicate. This is more of a rule rather than a tip. If you really want to get over someone, you need to keep yourself from contacting him and vice-versa. A serious break up may lead to depression for the one who got left behind and this may cause that person to obsess with contacting you. If you are the one who got left behind, this will help save you some dignity from contacting a person who clearly wants you out of his life.

Get rid of his belongings.  Removing all of your ex-partner’s belongings helps a lot. Where else will all your memorabilia be besides your room? If you are 100% sure that the relationship is over, keep every single memory of your ex-partner away from you. It’s not easy to look at a picture of you vacationing somewhere but it’s easy to throw all of your pictures away.

Distract yourself.  Focus on other things and keep yourself busy. This will help to keep your mind focused on something else other than your ex. When you are going through a break up you tend to think of your ex more and we don’t want that to happen. One way to keep you busy is to find a new hobby. Being new to something will keep your conscious mind from thinking about your ex and will help boost your self-esteem.

Have some fun.  Try to go out and meet new people. It’s never too early to start looking for someone to replace your ex. Even if you don’t think you’re ready to find that “next one” yet, you shouldn’t stay home and sulk. Get dressed and meet your friends, I’m sure you will be surprised with all the fun you will have. It is best to avoid going to places where you and your ex have been though, this might take all the fun away.

Reflect on the relationship.  Some break ups are totally out of the blue so try to think back and reflect on the main reason of the break up. Do this if you know you’ve already moved on.  If your partner left you for someone else then try to think about how you “were” with him but remember to be honest t o yourself about it.  This step will help you analyze why you weren’t able to keep the relationship and prevent you from making the same mistake. It’s like hitting 2 birds with one stone!

We all go through break ups and some say that it’s NEVER really easy to get over someone you loved. But always remember that nothing is unattainable if you really want do to it.


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