How To Get VIP Service from a Restaurant

Have you spent a few too many evenings stuck next to the kitchen or worse, the bathroom, while trying to enjoy a night out for dinner? If so you can change your luck. Follow these instructions and you can get VIP service at restaurants you enjoy.

  1. Visit your restaurant choice midweek. Early on you will need to make an impression at the restaurant. Dine midweek when business is usually slower and use your first few visits to practice the following steps.
  2. Get to know your server by name. As a regular patron you should pay attention to who is waiting on you. Learn their name and if possible a few details about them. Build a rapport with your server and you are more likely to receive their best service on every visit.
  3. Tip well. Wait staff often remember the bad tippers and the extremely good tippers but few in between. If you are a regular patron of the restaurant you don’t want to develop a reputation as a poor tipper who no one wants to serve. Instead, be memorable by tipping eighteen to twenty percent each visit. If the restaurant runs to the formal with a head waiter or sommelier then you should remember their service whenever they have assisted in your dining experience.
  4. Make a reservation in person. Meet the host or hostess in person by visiting the restaurant mid afternoon, before the lunch and dinner shifts, to make your reservation. Remember her name when you arrive for your reservation and you’ll get in the door with little trouble the next time you call.
  5. Be a great customer. Great customers are appreciated by the host and wait staff so be a great customer. Order wine with your meal and then dessert. Ask for and appreciate the server’s advice and recommendations for your meal or your beverage. Compliment the chef for a well-prepared meal.
  6. Show loyalty as a regular customer. Regular customers can be counted on to come back so they are more likely to get VIP service. Dine often at a restaurant and you can count on the best service.

If you want to get VIP service at a restaurant, you can follow these instructions. With some patience and consideration, you can get excellent service. Just remember that you often get what your willing to give so if you expect great service, you need to remember to show your appreciation and be a good customer as well.

Remember that if you are looking for VIP service at a restaurant you have never been to or if you plan to bring a large group for a special meal, then you will need to take a few extra steps. You should still make your reservation in person, but also consider paying in advance, especially for large parties, providing the host with your name, business card, purpose of your special meal and the name of your guests.


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