How To Give a Gift of Flowers

Your mother's birthday.  Finally asking out that girl at the coffee shop.  The passing of a beloved aunt.  Only one gift is suitable for all of these occasions: flowers.  Giving the gift of flowers is one of the easiest ways to show your love and appreciation.

Online Florists- Close the Distance

Online florists have flourished over the last decade.  With sites such as 1-800-flowers and there is no excuse for not sending a charming bouquet to your mother, no matter how far away she might be.  Many florists are also capable of taking orders over the phone and shipping arrangements, but with online florists you are able to view the options before purchasing.   These sites usually work with local florists in the destination city, so everything is delivered fresh, with no wilted tulips or drooping daisies in the bunch.

Personal Touch- Visiting Your Local Florist

If time and location permit, nothing can quite replace the experience of visiting a florist in person and selecting the flowers for the occasion.  Even if you have never set foot in a flower shop, there are services such as which can point you in the right direction.  This site gives you the address, phone number, website, and sample pictures for florists close to you.  The best part about visiting in person, especially if you are not very knowledgeable about different varieties of flowers, is that you are speaking to someone who does this for living.  It is guaranteed that if you describe the occasion, the florist will produce the right bouquet.

That's Today!- The Last Minute Shopper

You've had a long day at work, and are finally headed home. But what did they just say on the radio?  Today is June 14th - your anniversary!  All of the florists are closed, but you know you can't go home empty-handed.  Many grocery stores and supermarkets now have floral departments, and they aren't as bad as you might think.  Sure, you can get the bunch of wildflowers wrapped in cellophane (with the price tag still attached), but you can also find attractive vases filled with Gerber daisies and even roses.  The added bonus? You can grab a box of chocolates in the same location.

Whether you are a flower connoisseur or a gardening amateur, there is a florist that is right for you.  Whether you bring your date a dozen long-stemmed roses or a potted fern, she’ll know that you thought enough to give the perfect gift.


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