How To Give a Man to Man Hug

As a man, there are some things you can never do if you want to maintain your elite status as a man. A man can never ask for directions for fear of looking stupid. You cannot ask for help from your wife to open a jar of mayonnaise (because this will lead to you looking weak in her eyes). More importantly, you cannot show any emotion.

In times of extreme gratitude and affection, there is only one way a man has to show how he feels about another man, and that is through a man hug. A man hug is the most you can do to show how you truly feel, but if done incorrectly, can make you look feminine.  Follow these simple steps and avoid looking like a sissy when you embrace another man.

  1. A handshake begins it all. A handshake is a sufficient way to show affection. A handshake can never be misconstrued as anything more than a manly greeting between two true men.  Hold his right hand firmly with your right hand. You can also place your other hand on his arm just above where your hands meet. Hold his hand firmly throughout the handshake because a weak handshake could mean you are weak.
  2. Ensure reciprocation. A man-to-man hug is not a man-to-man hug if the man you are hugging does not hug back. It is a free country and anybody can decide to hug or not hug back. If you want to minimize the embarrassment, show your intention by opening your free arm up. This lets him know what you intend to do. Additionally, lean back a little. This is seen as a friendly unaggressive action that should invite him even further.
  3. The embrace is next. The embrace is the real man hug. Without the embrace, it is just an awkward handshake. As you see him reciprocate your intention for an embrace, press forward and place the arm squarely at the bottom of the chest. Place the free arm around the other person’s body and there you have a man hug.
  4. Slap the back. Despite purely manly intentions, the hug you have just performed may be confused as a feminine hug. To solidify it as a manly gesture, you have to perform a back slap. With your arm on your friends back, slap him once or twice to make the hug even manlier. Make sure that the slap is not too hard or the other man might see this as aggression.

There you have a man-to-man hug. This man-to-man hug can be used in a variety of ways including to show appreciation. It can also be done at times such as funerals and birthdays to show a sliver of emotion. Try it today with a friend and you will soon be a true man’s man with an arsenal of man hugs for every possible occasion.


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