How To Give Money Clips as Gifts

Money clips are the choice of some individuals rather than carry a wallet in their pockets. This is less of a hassle because they are lightweight and do not need a lot of space in the pocket. They can hold money and credit cards in a very secure manner. They are usually made of metal such as stainless steel and even precious metals such as silver, titanium, platinum and gold! Giving money clips as gifts to your husband, boyfriend, brother, best friend, father or to anyone else is a great idea. Below are some tips on helping you choose a money clip:

  1. Makers and manufacturers suggest ideas to make money holders more personalized. Typically, they offer engraving of names or initials on the metal, which is included in the payment when you purchase their product. Others charge additional fees, which depend on the size of the letter or design and the number of letters you wish to be engraved.
  2. There are a variety of designs to select from. Some money clips are multi-purpose. They can be clips for money and credit cards plus have a time watch. They can also be Swiss Army knives at the same time. Leather clips that can also be a wallet are available on the market. But wait, there’s more. There are money clips that hold a calculator as well, so that the owner can compute his cash flow in a handy manner.
  3. Magnetic silver clips are strongly recommended because they can secure your money the way ordinary silver clips do. They also have a greater carrying capacity that can hold as much as 15 bills folded in half. However, you cannot clip your credit cards because they can cause malfunction or become damaged due to the magnet in the clip.
  4. Select a design that looks manly and smart, is slim and attractive.
  5. The smart money clips outshine all the rest because they can clip up to 5 different cards including your driver’s license, important identification and multiple credit or ATM cards, plus your thirty folds of cash.
  6. Explore Internet shopping. Buying online is usually cheaper because companies offer low prices when purchased on the World Wide Web therefore you can save more. You can see a wide variety of choices easily in a short period of time. More to this is that your money clips will be delivered personally to your door. Of course, shipping fee applies.

The season of Christmas is coming so it is better to be an early bird than a last minute shopper. This gift idea is most suitable for professionals, businessmen, groomsmen and as corporate giveaways. Giving someone a personalized present or souvenir such as money clips makes the recipient appreciate your good taste.


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