How To Guess a Baby's Gender

Expectant mothers are usually very excited to know the gender of the babies inside of them. The most accurate way to determine an unborn baby’s gender is through the use of trans-abdominal ultrasound or the highly sophisticated chromosomal analysis or DNA testing. However, because of cost and spatial limitations, these methods are not always helpful especially for those who want to paint the baby’s room or go shopping for baby’s clothes already. Because of this, many mothers-to-be resort to traditional ways of guessing the baby’s gender. Check out these fun, bizarre, and sometimes outrageous methods that have been handed down by grandmothers and mothers for many generations now! But to make the process of guessing more fun and exciting, allow families and friends to guess the baby’s gender as well as the expected date of delivery.

  • How frequently do you have morning sickness? Count how often you experience symptoms of morning sickness. When you experience it more often and throughout the whole duration of pregnancy, it is likely that the baby is a girl. On the other hand, if you experience it less frequently or only for one trimester, your baby might be a boy.
  • How fast is the heartbeat of your baby? Enlist the help of your obstetrician with this using stethoscope or portable Doppler ultrasound. Count the heartbeat of your baby. A heartbeat of more than 140 beats per minute indicates that the baby is a girl. Anything less than that points to a baby boy.
  • How are you carrying yourself during pregnancy? When you have a baby girl inside you, you will tend to carry high compared to when you have a baby boy.
  • What have you been craving for during your pregnancy? If you have suddenly preferred sugar-loaded chocolates, pastries, gelatos and cookies after discovering that you are pregnant, then maybe pink is your baby’s color. But if sour cream and vinegar are your preferred flavors during pregnancy, then maybe blue is your baby’s color.
  • How do you look in general? If you have been receiving more compliments while you are pregnant, then say thank you to a baby boy inside of you. Pregnant mothers with baby boys tend to look more blooming and healthier compared to mothers with baby girls because elders say baby girls “steal” the beauty of the mothers away.
  • How does your wedding ring behave? Still not convinced with the above suggestions? Then you should try this! With a string attached to your wedding ring, allow it to hang over your belly. A circular movement means you have a boy while a side-to-side movement means you have a girl.

It is important to take note though that the methods mentioned above are completely unfounded and are simply old wives’ tales. Ultrasonography and DNA chromosomal analysis are still the gold standards and sure fire way to determine the gender of your baby 100 percent of the time. So it is best not to make any decisions based on this article just yet.


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