How To Have a Goofy & Minnie Birthday Party

Children love having a Disney-themed birthday party. However, preparing one for your little kid may be quite tricky especially if you are not familiar with the characters and how to handle the event planning in particular. On the other hand, if you are well-prepared and research on what makes a themed party successful, then the task ahead of you will be quite easier. In this article, you will be given tips and ideas on how to plan a Goofy and Minnie birthday party for your child. If you are interested in doing so, please read on.

  • Planning. The first step that you would have to take is actually planning the party. Since this is a Goofy and Minnie party, you would have to send out invitations to the guests with cards that have the image o the characters in them. You may personalize it by sending cards that have Goofy in them to boys and Minnie for the girls. Planning for activities and games would also have to be taken into consideration for entertaining the guests. You may also have Disney coloring books that are Goofy and Minnie-themed so that the kids can fill them in during the party.
  • Decorating. The next thing that you need to do is to decorate the party area with images of the characters. You can do this by hanging up posters of Goofy and Minnie on the walls of the area, as well as having party hats and accessories with the images of the characters in each one. In addition, you can make a Goofy hat by attaching a foot’s length of black cloth on each side of a plain hat. Minnie ears can be purchased online for your convenience at Birthday Express for $5 each.

    If you cannot spare a certain amount for the Minnie ears, you can always make them on your own. To do this, buy a good amount of headbands and glue two round pieces of black cardboard on each side, resembling the ears of the character. You can always ask your spouse for assistance in doing this task to make it easier.

  • Menu. In this part, you may be a bit more creative in preparing the food for the party. You can purchase a customized cake from a specialty store that have Goofy and Minnie frosting or contain the action figure of the characters. You can also make homemade cookies and make frosting on top of each one resembling the characters.

In addition, if you have the spare amount, you can hire two guys that can dress up in a Goofy and Minnie costume to entertain the children during the party. One can even bring out the cake while you entice the guests in singing “Happy Birthday” for the celebrant. In conclusion, all you have to do to make this themed party successful is to have a solid plan and a good amount of money to make sure that everyone is entertained. With that, you can now start planning a Goofy and Minnie birthday party for your little one. Good luck!


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