How To Have a Kid-Friendly Super Bowl Party

Preparing a super-fun Super Bowl Party for the kids is going to be a great experience for the whole family to enjoy. You can throw your own party at your own home with just you and your kids or invite your friends and neighbors with kids to join in the fun.  After reading this article on how to have a kid-friendly super bowl party, you are sure to make the party you’ll be throwing a memorable event or even create a new family tradition.

  • It’s all about teamwork. Like football, teamwork can go a long way.  Assign tasks to family members for the party.  You will need all the hands you can get for invitations, decorations, costumes and food.  
  • Let the kids prepare the invitations and decorations if you are inviting other people to join your party. Since it’s going to be a football-themed party, have the kids draw or cut out football related pictures for decorations, hang streamers and balloons at the venue.  Have them send out football-shaped invitations to your guests.
  • Pick a good time and date for the party and have the invitations sent out in advance.  Set the time for the party ahead of the actual game for party activities before the actual game.  Confirm the attendance of guests in advance so you can prepare enough food and drinks for them.  
  • Turn the event into a costume party. Have everyone come in their favorite team’s jerseys or colors. Give out prices for the most creative or funniest costume.
  • List down the food and drinks to be served for the party.  Prepare a variety of kid friendly foods for the party and ask your kids what they would like to see on the menu.  What’s a super bowl party without hotdogs, hamburgers, tacos and chips, just to name a few? For dessert, throw in colorful candies (placed in several bowls), cupcakes and cakes in the different teams’ colors, or even a chocolate fondue.  You can prepare the food yourself and have the kids help out in the kitchen, order them ahead of time, or even have a potluck with invited friends and neighbors. It is better to prepare a little more food and drinks than to run short of these later on.
  • Use disposables. For an easy time fixing up after the party, use disposable plates, glasses and utensils.
  • Prepare some pre-game activities. Before the actual game, you can prepare fun games for the kids and even adults to play. Engage the kids in a game of football, hide the football, or a football obstacle race in the backyard.
  • Prepare prizes for the winners and consolations prizes for the losers.  These prizes need not be big or expensive. You can give trading cards, mugs, t-shirts or football caps.
  • On Super Bowl day, make sure the decorations, prizes, foods and drinks are ready.  Set the food at on a buffet table not too far away from where you will be watching the game for easy access.

Get that camcorder or camera ready to capture all the fun and memories, and shoot away. Have fun at your Super Bowl Party!


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