How To Help a Family Member Recover from Self-Harm

People have different ways of dealing with problems. There are people who face their troubles head on. Some run away while some rely on other people to solve the problems for them. There are also others who keep the problems to themselves. They try to hide from the problem by denying that there is a problem. Eventually it could lead to people inflicting physical pain in themselves in order to hide from the real problem.
It is not easy to help people recover from self-harm since they tend to keep their problems to themselves. If you have family members who hurt themselves physically, inform the other members of your family about the situation immediately. Now, it is important that even though the whole family knows about it, only one or two persons should try to help directly. If the whole family tries to help all at once it will only make the family members blame themselves even more. Self pity is part of the problem and the last thing you want to do is make your family member feel weak.
Helping family members recover from self-harm needs patience and genuine love. Be patient enough to wait for these persons to open up to you, and tell you of their problems. You must feel genuine love for these persons so you could really help them and not just make things worse. Here are three things you can do to help these person recover from self-harm:

Guide. People who hurt themselves don’t just wake up one day and decide to cut their arms and legs. The situation is caused by a long time of neglect and having to face things on their own. The physical pain is somewhat their last resort since they feel like they have no one to run to and there is nothing else that they can do. If you pay attention and listen to their troubles, it will weaken their need for physical pain and they will run to you instead.

Forgive. Let these persons know that you are not angry with them. Make them realize that the situation is not solely their fault and that they must learn to forgive themselves. Oftentimes self-injurers think that they deserve the emotional and physical pains because of the mistakes they made in the past. Explain that this is not their fault and that by hurting themselves they are only making their problems worse.

Give hope. Assure them that there is still hope. Tell them that there are lots of reasons why they should stop hurting themselves and that you will be with them every step of the way. Make them realize that they still have their family. A family that can and will help them during their times of need.
No one has to face problems alone. Surround family members you are helping recover with self-harm with family, friends and people who love and care for them. Be there to help during tough times and when they need you.


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