How To Help Senior Citizens Get Motivated

During the senior years, you may notice old people get more and more frustrated in their remaining lives and become grouchy or grumpy – especially when they get stuck inside a nursing home. The tendency of old people would be to think that they can no longer do some of the things they enjoy doing because they feel trapped in their own limits. You know they don’t have to live their golden years that way and you know you have to find a way to get them motivated again. Here are tips on helping senior citizens get motivated and live to their full potential:

  • Visit them often. There is nothing more boring than seeing the same four sides of the walls in their room everyday. For some, a nursing home is the same as a prison and they are confined to it without any chance of escape. Schedule a weekly visit to the senior citizens and show them that you care for them. Ask their nurse if they can schedule one time of activity outside in the yard or the garden.
  • Listen to their stories. Most aged people love telling stories of their lives. Since they look at you as the younger generation and they feel that they owe you something before they pass on, lend an ear and listen to their stories. Don’t just appear eager to hear them. Be eager to hear them. You will find you’ll learn a lot about history in their stories and some of it can be really interesting.
  • Share pictures of their younger years. Aside from listening to their stories, have interest in looking at their old photos. They will be eager to tell you more about those photographs and the histories behind them. This will keep their younger spirits alive and they would remember how it was when they were still young. When they want to rekindle some old activity, if possible, arrange for it.
  • Take them out for a walk. Nowadays there are many ways to make walking with senior citizens possible. If they can’t walk too long, bring along a wheelchair. Buildings, parks or any public areas nowadays have access to the disabled – ramps and elevators are accesses that can help your senior citizens actually get somewhere.
  • Keep their minds working. Play board games or mind games with them while you are visiting them at the nursing home. A good board game can keep their minds working and can help lessen the possibility of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Bring along some easy crossword puzzles and complete them with their help.
  • Give them healthy foods. Senior citizens would love to eat foods not served in their nursing home’s kitchen so bring along some healthy snacks (ask permissions from their nurses first). Fresh fruits will be good for them and would uplift their feelings.
  • Keep them social. Even though they are in a nursing home, keep their minds working by keeping them social. Once a month you can organize a “visit your pals’ home day” like bringing another senior citizen’s group into the nursing home for some tea party or vice versa.

The senior years are probably the hardest stages in anyone’s life. These are where they feel weak and helpless. But now that you know how to uplift them and motivate them, you can be sure that these senior citizens will live their lives to the fullest.


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