How To Host a Carnival Game Themed Party

Everyone loves a carnival. Hosting a party with this theme will surely make party exciting. The best part is that you do not have to spend a lot for this kind of theme. If you cannot afford carnival materials, you can just simply focus on carnival games for your party. Even without the rides, your carnival themed party will surely be a hit with carnival games.

Here are the steps on how to host a carnival game themed party.

  • Send out invitations. A carnival game themed party is perfect for both kids and adults. Create invitations that emphasize your theme. You can construct customized invitations or have someone do it for you. You will find many online stores that construct customized invitations for any party theme. After getting your invitations, send out your invitations to your friends, relatives and colleagues. Make sure to place a RSVP in your invitations. This will let you know who will come to your party.
  • Choose a location. For this particular party theme, you need a large open space. Remember that you will be focusing on carnival games. You need a place where you can set up your materials. If your backyard is not large enough for this, you might want to consider holding your party to country clubs or parks. Usually, these places have a pavilion that you can reserve for your party. It would also help if you know how many guests are coming to your party. This way, you will have an idea on how large a place you will need.
  • Select carnival games. There are many carnival games you can choose from. If you are hosting an adult party, you might want to set up games like the beanbag or sack race, archery or air hockey games. For kids, you might want to set up art corners, basketball shooting area or hula hoop contest. A pie-eating contest is also a big hit in this type of party. You can also set up a quarter-toss game or a strong man game. You do not have to spend a lot of money for carnival games. You can construct most of the carnival games by yourself. Search online. You will find different websites that offer tutorials on how to set up different carnival games.
  • Prepare materials. Aside from the carnival games, you need to prepare the food and drinks for your guests. For a carnival game party theme, you need food and drinks that resemble food that you will find in carnivals. Simple food like popcorn, simple refreshments, hot dogs or burgers. If you can afford it, you might want to set up a cotton candy or ice cream stand.

Having a carnival themed party does not have to be expensive. With these steps, you can easily have a carnival themed party by simply incorporating carnival games to your party. When preparing for the carnival games, do keep in mind to separate carnival games for adults and carnival games for kids. Some carnival games may not be suitable for kids.


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