How To Host a High Tea

A high tea is a popular type of serving tea. Most people refer to this as the “meat tea.” This is primarily because they serve the tea together with full meals. People host a high tea typically during early evenings. This is around five to six in the evening. This type of tea serving usually includes cakes, cold meats, sandwiches and eggs or fish. Hosting a high tea is not much different from serving tea. In fact, most people associate to modern high tea with afternoon tea. If you are planning to host a high tea, follow the steps below.

  • Venue, date and time. The selection of venue, date and time is an essential factor when hosting a high tea. As mentioned, the most appropriate time to hold a party like this is during late afternoons or early evenings. You could set the time around five to six in the afternoon. With regards to the date, this depends on the availability of your guests. The venue is also an essential part that you need to consider. Make sure that you set a venue with a comfortable table setting.
  • Invite your guests. If you are hosting a high tea party regularly, you do not need to send formal invitations. However, if you are going to host a high tea party for the first time, you might want to make things elegant. Tea parties always have the elegance in it. Even with just a simple note, you can easily create invitations for your tea party.
  • Tea selection. This is a very important step. You are organizing a tea party. Obviously, the tea you will prepare is very important. There are different types of teas. You can serve a single particular type of tea. You may also serve different types of teas. Whatever you decide upon, make sure that you know the proper presentation of tea. You can research the Internet for this.
  • Preparation of menu. Unlike other tea parties, the menu included in a high tea is different. You need to serve light meals along with the tea. Aside from finger sandwiches, prepare also some salads and fresh fruits. Of course, sweets are the best food together with the tea.
  • Table preparation. This is one of the most important aspects when it comes to hosting tea parties. Make sure to use the best silverware when hosting a high tea. You should also set the table in an elegant way. The table presentation can determine how well you have prepared for this high tea party.

These are the steps on how to host a high tea. A high tea can be an elegant way of having a meeting. It can also serve as a nice way to chat with your friends and family. Fortunately, with these steps, hosting a high tea is easy. Just keep in mind that not everyone may like your menu. In order to avoid this, offer a variety of food when hosting a high tea.


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