How To Host a Successful Baby Shower

The success of a baby shower is really dependent on the happiness of the soon to be mother. Remember that you are throwing this shower for her. So, if you want to make it a success, then you will have to ensure she is totally happy. Don’t worry; organizing a shower is not that difficult and making the guest of honor happy should not be a chore. Here are some things to consider ensuring that the future mother, your friend, will be happy with what you have done for her.

  • The guest list. This is probably the most important element of any baby shower that you should get right. Prepare the guest list ahead of time and make sure that you invite the people that matter to your friend. First off, you will want to make sure that her family attends, particularly the husband (if applicable), her parents, and other female family members she is close to. Next will be her friends. This can be tricky since you will definitely want to invite only those whom she considers to be her true and close friends. If you are planning a surprise baby shower, make sure to snoop around a little so that you can determine the right people to invite. Finally, do not forget to invite some of her co-workers, at least those that she is close to. Inviting her boss or superior may be an option to consider but do tread carefully. If you have the chance, try to invite old friends from college and high school to attend, those people that she has not seen in years. Yes, this will provide a nice touch to the festivities and will show that you really made the effort to make her happy. Make sure to send the invitations at least about 3 to 4 weeks prior to the date of the shower.
  • Discuss with the group. Gather up her closest friends and discuss the details for the shower, particularly the date, time, and venue. If you can’t cover all the costs of the shower, then ask these people to pitch in as well.
  • Food is critical. While some may view the food served in a shower unimportant, in truth, you should consider this as a very critical element to get right. For starters, make sure that the menu includes some of the favorite foods your pregnant friend loves and can eat during her pregnancy. You don’t need to serve a complete spread. Finger foods and light snacks will do nicely. However, make sure that there is enough to feed the entire populace of the shower.
  • Set the mood. Decide on a theme for the shower and decorate accordingly. A venue that is well decorated will set the mood for the shower that both the guests and your friend will truly appreciate. Do not forget to lace the venue up with diapers, feeding bottles, and other baby items as well.

During the shower itself, it is crucial to have a lot of games and activities that the soon to be mother and her guests can participate in. The games should be simple and centered on the idea of being a mother and having a baby. In the end, if your friend is happy, then you know that your efforts were well worth it.


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