How To Host a Sweet 16 Party on a Budget

Turning sixteen is the coming of age for American women. It is a momentous occasion in a teenager’s life as this means more freedom for her. She will be allowed to date and be allowed to drive a car. It can be a big event for the affluent but if you do not have the extra cash for a big event you can still give your daughter a sweet sixteen party that can be as memorable as a grand one with some of these steps.

  • Define a workable budget for the party. Make a list of all the essentials that will be needed for the party including your daughter’s gown or dress. You have to work with your daughter in planning the party as this is her first major event as an adult.
  • Ask your daughter what theme she wants for her party. Having a theme will be of great help in your planning as it defines the things that will be needed to set up the party. This will also be of great help to all those who will be invited as they can dress accordingly and not be required to rent suits and gowns for the event.
  • Decide where you want to host the party. Prepare for a big crowd as teens want to have plenty of people with them when they party. Look at all the possibilities. Check out the cost for renting a hall in the community center. You can also check if you can hold the even in the school auditorium or gym. It should be a place that is easily accessible to every body with enough space to hold the entire second year class. 
  • Ask your daughter how she wants the place decorated. Stings of colored lights, colorful bunting and streamers can liven up the area. Add balloons on the posts and yards of ribbons that will flutter in the breeze to add a romantic touch to the party. Consider if you have the budget for a big floral centerpiece or allow the birthday cake to be the centerpiece.
  • Check watch types of music should be played during the party. Your daughter can provide you with a list of popular music and bands. Get in touch with a company that provides the sound system and party music. Look for a professional DJ to keep the party going as well as keep the guests concentrated on the party rather on some teen mischief.
  • Serve foods that are the favorite of most teenagers. Look for different kinds of pizzas, mini hamburgers, nachos and salsa, cheese sticks, different types of chips and chicken drumsticks. Have a steady supply of cold drinks. There should be no alcoholic beverages. A variety of sodas, lemonade and fruit juices and water will quench their thirst.
  • Take plenty of pictures to commemorate the event and arrange it in an album and present it to your daughter later, maybe before she goes away to college.

A sweet sixteen party need not be lavish. It is how you plan and provide all the essentials for your daughter and her guests to have a very enjoyable time that matters.


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