How To Identify Items to Make Life Easier for our Senior Citizens

Senior citizens can be considered as lucky people, who got the chance to live a full life. The downside of their age is reflected by their limitations, especially their physical weaknesses. The number of their years goes to show the experiences they have accumulated. However, it also marks the challenges that they have to face. It is high time for our senior citizens to enjoy a stress-free life. Here are some tips you can use in identifying items designed to make life easy for those who have been crowned by the glory of years:

  • Have as much self-care and independence as possible. Although your intention of lifting the burden of everyday living can be considered noble, it may threaten the self esteem of the senior citizens if you overdo it. Remember, these items are meant to aid them in their lifestyle, and not to restrict them or do everything for them. Examples of these items are: scooper plates, plate guards, weighted eating utensils, and even rinse-free shampoos or body bath products. If they are suffering from any tremors or dementia, these items may have harmful effects on their sense of self- accomplishment. Living on the verge of their twilight years, these people are quite sensitive in drawing the line between the things that they still can do versus the things that they no longer can.
  • Know the senior citizen who will use the items. You might not identify the right item that will make life easier from the wrong item that may pose as a nuisance for your elderly. To avoid committing this mistake, know the person or people who will use such items. For example, colorful name tags placed on the different areas within the senior citizen’s house may be helpful if he has a condition that threatens his ability to remember. But, if he is perfectly well and unable to forget just as easily, these tags may impose as an insult.
  • Start with the most helpful and common. It is an established fact that the eyes degrade in function as human beings advance in age. Therefore most senior citizens need arrangement for extra lighting around their living area. This not only involves placing more light bulbs on each room but also installing a couple of nightlights for them. This will definitely make moving about easier for them as well as picking out selected objects for use. Aside from making living easier for them, it can also contribute to the safety level of their living quarters.
  • Look at the end use of the item. Usually this is a very practical way of identifying whether or not an item will make living for senior citizens easier. For example, easy grip kitchen items are very helpful for those elderly who were fighting the “shaking spells”. Grabbers have been installed to ease them in reaching for items placed on the upper portion of the shelves or cabinets. Shower seats are ultimate safety aids for the elderly, since they cannot afford any bad fall. It is very dangerous for them to stand on wet surface, such as the shower area or tub. There are also raised toilet seats, which can ease the pain of too much bending as well as to avoid the strain that may be imposed to the lower back.
  • See the technology involved. Usually, items that are designed to make things easier for older people are equipped with more advance technology than ordinary items. For example, sensor or voice activated environmental control systems are very helpful for those who may have been bothered by tiny manual switches. These systems often control the majority of the appliances on the senior citizen’s place, such as lights, television or heating system.

Items to aid our senior citizens are easily identified by their purpose, which is, to fill the physical gap and shortcomings of the elderly that comes with old age.


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