How To Induce Labor

There are pregnancy cases in which the baby does not come out on the expected date of delivery. This is very common for primary births or when it is the mother’s first pregnancy. Obstetricians say that it is much better if a child is born two weeks ahead (at the most) of the anticipated time than for it to come out two weeks late. Delayed deliveries can pose danger to both the mother and the baby because some complications might set in. In such situations, the best remedy is to induce labor if doing a C section is to be the last option. To do this procedure, here are suggested ways:

  • Engage in limb exercises. Walk as often as you can and try to cover long distances. Widen your steps while walking so your legs will feel the pressure and the pelvis will start to open up. Stair climbing is also a good way of stretching the pelvis and inducing birth. Go up and down the stairs several times a day.
  • Do some Pilates or yoga stretch workout. Sit on a mat and cross your legs lotus style. With your palms pressing on your sides, raise your buttocks. Another labor-inducing exercise is bouncing on a Pilates ball. Grab the ball and let it rest against a wall. Sit on the ball with legs away from each other (lotus style) to loosen up your pelvis. Lightly bounce on the ball. You might need hand support with this exercise so make sure there are handles or furniture nearby where you can hold on while doing this procedure.
  • Engage in some games or sports activities that are safe enough for your condition. Swimming is recommended because it allows you to move every part of your body. Playing hopscotch, actually works because of the bouncing movements and legwork involved.
  • Have sex with your partner. Some studies claim that sex can induce birth because the sperm acts as a kind of lubricant to the birth canal, hence resulting to quicker birth. Also, by reaching orgasm, your womb will contract. Contractions are actually prelude to childbirth. Sexual stimulation like caressing of the nipples is also one way of inducing labor. All in all, the whole sex act starting from foreplay to actual penetration entails intense physical exertion that can prompt labor.
  • Stimulate contractions. Have someone (a licensed midwife or your obstetrician) manually bring on contractions by inserting their fingers inside your opening. This method can cause pain but you can bear it by taking deep breaths in between periods of contractions.
  • Take herbal laxatives. Be warned however that this should not be done without prior permission from your doctor. The herbal drinks should be safe to both you and your baby. By taking laxatives, you will be induced to move your bowel and because bowel movement is akin to giving birth in which you need to push internally – labor will then follow.
  • Talk to your doctor and ask her to give you labor inducing injections. Injections are usually done in hospitals and when you are administered this procedure, you will be asked to stay because chances are – you will be delivering the baby soon after you are given the needle.

The above mentioned suggestions on inducing labor must be carried out only when you are already on full term pregnancy. Never attempt to use these steps when you are not yet due to deliver. Moreover, when you have problems with your prenatal condition, consult your doctor before doing any of these given methods.


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