How To Induce Labor Through Massage

A woman who might be carrying a 10-, 11- or 12-pound baby, might find herself with the danger of being overdue. This means that the child might not come out when he is supposed to be born. Because of this, you can employ massages to induce labor. This labor would cause them to give birth in a normal manner without having to fuss about the weight of the child.

Studies show that one of the most effective and safest ways to induce labor through natural means is acupressure. It can stimulate labor and it calms down the expectant mother. There are specific pressure points on the body that can help with this procedure. While a woman is pregnant there are specific parts that the one giving the acupressure need to avoid. However, when the pregnant woman is near giving birth, it is actually a good idea to apply pressure on these parts so that the woman could have an easier and safer delivery.

  • Have the woman lie on a comfortable position. Tell the pregnant woman to turn on her side, and find the best comfortable position possible. Simply massage her shoulders and back. This can give her relief from pregnancy back pain and morning sickness.
  • Back and shoulder massage. Ask her to bow down her head. You will see one of the cervical spines at the upper part. Locate the meaty part of her shoulder, point your left and right thumb and apply pressure. Push downward. You can also use your elbow or knuckle to perform this. This is a good point to apply pressure for it can deliver the baby downward into the mother’s opening.
  • Establish continuous movement. You do not have to do any other circular motion, just continue with what you are doing and a keep exerting consistent pressure on your finger pushing down to the muscle. You can do one shoulder at a time or both shoulders at once. Do this for few minutes but make sure not to push so hard so you would not hurt the soon to be mother.
  • Give the mother a hand massage. You have to locate the induction point on the hand and apply the same static pressure like what you did with the shoulders. The induction point on the hand is in between the thumb and the forefinger. Look for the long bone on the thumb. Go halfway to the middle of the two notches and right half way in to the muscular section before the forefinger. During labor, this maneuver helps strengthen the woman’s contractions. It also helps the baby go down easily into the birth passage.
  • Leg and foot massage. Find the bone from the anterior using your three fingers. Put them right on the bone from the inside of the leg, between the middle of the two tendons. Depending on the pressure the woman can take, you could go a little harder or little lighter. This massage can also address and solve any ankle or heel-related ailments. Exerting a gentle pressure to this point helps open up the cervix. You have done this for a few minutes, then rest. Wait for twenty minutes before you perform it again on the other leg.

These are some tips to help you induce labor through massage. This would prove to be of great help to a pregnant woman who is about to give birth.


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