How To Keep a Friendship Platonic

It is not a crime to be a friend to the opposite sex. However, a friendship like this often ends up in trouble, if not in a romantic relationship. So how do you deal with a friend in the opposite sex without crossing the line? It is through knowing how you can keep the friendship purely platonic. Read on and find out how you can successfully do this:

  • Set your mind about the difference of a partner and a friend. You may have a very close relationship with your platonic pal but this does not mean that you can do anything you want to your friend. A boy friend and a girl friend are very different from a boyfriend and a girlfriend respectively. Hence, treat your friend in an appropriate manner.
  • Know that the relationship is purely friendship. Why give any sexual or romantic meaning to the relationship if both of you know that you are just friends? Since you are keeping a friendship, do not cross the line. When dealing with each other, act that you are friends and nothing more. Do not give each other any kind of suspicion or connotation that there must be more than friendship between you two. This is true not only in words but also in actions.
  • Define your emotions toward your friend. A lot of people will always question your relationship with your friend. Expect that. However, there will be times that you will be confused about the status of your relationship just because of other people's comments, expectations, and questions. Check your feelings constantly and define what you are feeling towards your friend. If by any chance you think your feeling for your friend is changing to the romantic side already, talk to your friend about it. Though this can make the relationship between both of you a lot different, at least you can talk things over and you have been honest to your friend.
  • Respect each other. If you have a male platonic friend, respect him by not treating him the same way as you treat other friends of the same sex. Do not ask him to come with you for a shopping spree. You will only be disrespecting him if you continue to treat him like a girl friend. On the other hand, if you have a female platonic friend, do the same thing. Reserve the manly activities with your male friends and do not let her feel that you are superior to her physically, emotionally or mentally. Plus, it is not a good idea to mock women in general when she is around.
  • Appreciate each other. Know that your friend is very important for you and tell him about that in a friendly and not in a seductive or romantic manner. Cherish every moment that you have together but do not go beyond your limits. For instance, avoid doing things that can ruin your friendship such as getting drunk and ending up in bed together. Also, test your friendship in an appropriate way and not just for the sake of fun and adventure.

Your friend needs not be your girlfriend or boyfriend before you can enjoy the companionship of one another. You two can remain friends and still share tears and laughter together without getting into trouble. Just always remember the above-mentioned tips to keep a platonic friendship between the two of you.


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