How To Keep Facebook and MySpace from Ruining Relationships

There are many ups and downs to using the World Wide Web, but the worst trend that is surfacing is breakups due to FaceBook and MySpace. Were you recently caught in an argument over “poking” someone too many times? Have you been questioned about leaving extra lol/smiley faces on another user’s page?  I can personally admit to spending hours on my mate’s FaceBook page; dissecting every aspect of his profile and statuses wondering why he shared this love song with that girl or the crucial when did our relationship status change to “it’s complicated.”  Could it be due to my spending more time on his FaceBook page trying to crack the code instead of spending quality time with him?

Don’t allow the green-eyed monster to dissipate your relationship. Be victorious in the battle and realize that FaceBook and MySpace were created to bring people together. They were created to build long distance relationships and reconnect old friends and family. These social networks were not put into place to allow you to assume the role of detective and decode every comment on your mate’s profile.

If you want to limit the intervention of FB and MS in your relationship then honesty is the best policy. If you tell your honey that you are going to your mom’s house, the last thing that you want to do is get “tagged” in a photo with your ex partying.  If you are completely honest with your mate then a level of trust is established and they won’t feel so insecure.

Another key thing to remember in maintaining your FaceBook, MySpace, and relationship are that you should be honest with the world as well. If you are in a committed relationship please don’t deny it. That is the first place your girlfriend/boyfriend is going to look. If you aren’t admitting it, then maybe you need to be truthful with them and yourself because there may be an underlying issue.

Refuse temptation, try to control yourself, and stay off your mate’s page with your microscope, flashlight, and fine-toothed comb. For some people this may be impossible. If you are insecure then you don’t want to continuously torture yourself trying to decipher underlying messages that aren’t even there.

If your mate voices an issue with the amount of time that you spend online on these social networking sites, evaluate what is most important to you. If it comes down to deleting your page to save your relationship and you have someone worth holding on to, than don’t hesitate to cancel your account.

When all else fails block the information that your girlfriend/boyfriend can see on your page. No one likes child restraints, but if they can’t control their jealousy, then limit the information that they have access to.


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