How To Keep Peace with Roommates

Keeping peace with your roommates will not always be a walk in the park. Rather, you may have to face and deal with different personalities. You may also have to adjust yours as a form of cooperation and respect. Since you are expected to be with them on a daily basis, might as well ensure good relationships right from the start. Here are some steps you could follow to be at peace with your new roommates:

  • Open a communicative relationship even before any of you move into the place. This is possible if you could find a way to know your roommates even before you move into the room. If you could do so, it will be a perfect opportunity for you to coordinate the things each of you will need. It is stressful if there are items brought in duplication, such as pans, television sets, DVD players as well as excess furniture sets. Also, should you need to make another purchase for the room, be open about sharing expenses equally.
  • Respect begets respect. Anybody, no matter how open and secretive he is requires a certain level of privacy. You should be able to decipher your roommate’s privacy requests. Provide him his necessary time and space to make him feel the privacy he used to enjoy on his own house. Once you have established good manners in terms of keeping up with your roommate’s privacy rules, then you also have the corresponding right to demand yours.
  • Mind your basic manners. You may need to go the specific details when it comes to the right display of manners between roommates. A mutual respect and communication is essential to ensure peace among the inhabitants of the room. Basic manners such as knocking, saying "excuse me" when needed, being quiet and lowering the light levels when the roommate is sleeping as well as asking for permission before borrowing anything are essential manners you may need to inculcate on yourself.
  • Get to know your roommates more. This is the foundation of every friendship—familiarity with one another. Organize an open discussion about you roommate’s personality. Know his likes and dislikes as well as his pet peeves. Have the necessary information in case of emergencies. This will allow each one of you an opportunity to understand one another more as well as adjust to reconcile differences if there is any. It is also wise to exchange schedules so you can work out amongst yourself the room’s usage schedule. For instance, you can properly time your activities to your roommate’s schedule. Remember, it is important to always meet each other half-way.
  • Keep your clutter and trash at bay. Nothing is more irritating than having a messy work and living space. You must be mindful on your own share of the room’s dirt and clutter. Keep your things organized and generally out of anyone’s way. Learn to be sanitary at all times. Create a chore schedule with your roommate, have an honest and fair consensus about it and adhere strictly to the agreement.
  • Resolve conflicts in a calm manner. Good communication is the key here. You must confront your roommate in a calm manner with your legitimate complaints. It is best to keep only in the room what happened in the room. It is not respectful if you would tattle to other people that have no concern at all about your complaints. These are the times when your maturity will be tested as well as your ability to handle yourself in a civil manner.

Roommates are perfect candidates to be your lifelong friends. Learn to treasure your relationship rooted in mutual respect to each other. This will surely make your new room a home away from home.


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