How To Keep Your Children From Driving You Crazy During The Holidays

Prepare yourself. Your children are getting ready to invade your house during their Christmas break. Your home will no longer be filled with quietness during the day, but instead will have the noise and chaos that can only be brought about by children. Use the following tips to make the Christmas-break time a fun season for yourself and your children:

  1. Make Christmas Gift Lists. If you establish set lists of desired gifts, your children will have no excuse to bother you about what to get them. Have each child write a complete gift list and post the lists in a visible place for the whole family to see.
  2. Force your children outside. Now don't be cruel about it, but simply encourage your children to pursue outdoor activities instead of playing video games. Building snowmen, sledding, and hiking in the snow all provide a lot of fun. Also, these activities will wear out your children and leave you with calmer holiday companions.
  3. Establish Chores. Consider setting up a system of chores so that work around your house gets accomplished in a timely manner. Use an idea like a "Chore Jar" in which jobs get written on strips of paper to be chosen out of the jar. Holiday vacations should be productive times as well as relaxing times.
  4. Plan holiday activities. Arrange for your family to go out of the house and take place in holiday events such as plays, movies, or craft-making fairs. Another fun Christmas activity is to drive around nearby neighborhoods to see lighting displays. Turn on holiday music, bring hot chocolate, and roll down your windows for the full experience of a chilly winter evening.
  5. Limit your children's sugar intake. Although visions of sugar plums may be dancing in your child's mind, you must limit their sugar intake if your sanity is to be preserved. Moderation is the key to correctly dealing with the cakes, cookies, and candy-canes of Christmastime.

Enjoy the festive atmosphere of the Christmas season by keeping your children out of your hair and making the time enjoyable for everyone involved.


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