How To Know When to Have Another Baby

Making the decision to have another baby is not one that can be taken lightly, as there are many different things to consider. For those who are considering having another baby but are not sure if they are ready, here are some tips to help you determine if you are in the right place to have another baby now or if maybe it is a good idea to wait a bit.

The biggest factor that comes into play when determining when to have another child is how old your youngest child is or how recently you have given birth.  Doctors and midwives strongly advise women to wait at least a year after giving birth to try and conceive again.  By waiting a year you are giving your body time to heal. Being pregnant for nine months then followed by giving birth can really take its toll on a woman's body. Besides the physical part, there are many emotions that go into pregnancy and giving birth as well.  Some women suffer from postpartum depression after they give birth. This is especially the case if she had a hard time giving birth or had to have a caesarian section.  Doctors and midwives agree that by waiting one year you will have a better chance of having a more successful pregnancy the next time around.

Next you will want to take into consideration how your other child or children are doing.  Many parents prefer to only have one child in diapers rather than two.  If you are one of those parents, then waiting till your first child is potty trained will be a better option for you.  Another factor to consider is if your child is sleeping through the night or not.  Getting up with one child is hard enough, but having to get up with two is even harder.  One should think these things through and decide if this is something that may help determine whether or not you feel ready for another baby.

Other things to consider when deciding if you are ready to have another baby is how much room you have and your current financial state.  For those who are in a smaller home and are already crowded, then it might be a better idea to wait till you can get into a bigger home before you choose to have another baby.  While the baby may not necessarily take up much space at first, you must remember you will also need room for all of their necessities.  This includes a place to sleep as well as other items you may want to add later on.

Having another baby will also be expensive.  For those who choose not to breast feed you will have to provide formula plus the cost of diapers, whether they be disposable or cloth.  There are also other necessities such as clothing that one should consider.

Once you and your significant other have discussed these things and talked it over, you will have a better understanding as to if you are ready to have another baby or not.


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