How To Learn to Be Cool

High school has always been an imperfect society where people have been divided by social status. People could not find their true value because of the classification and seclusion of certain individuals because they do not fit a social persona that the masses find ideal. This social injustice has then brought forth the classes of jocks and nerds.

Nerds in many ways reflect the persona of the Morlocks in H.G Wells' classic book The Time Machine. They are responsible for the operation of the city. They are then set aside as outcasts in the very city they helped to create. The jocks lie on the opposite side of the spectrum where they are revered for their beauty and their physical prowess.

You can bridge the gap and destroy these very stereotypes. Even if you are a nerd, you can learn how it is to be cool. Leave the shackles of caste and transcend labels. Be cool through this guide and you can reap the benefits of being popular.

Step 1

Bring a certain attitude. You have to have a certain attitude to be considered cool. You should not care what other people think about you. This is not too easy, considering you will always care what other people think. It is just human nature. You can do this by building up your self confidence. If you have a strong image of yourself, you should be okay.

Step 2

Create an image. Build up your image. To do this, you must be aware of how people look at you. Stay away from an image that depicts you as a nerd. You also have to project an image of high self esteem.  Make sure physically that you are presentable. Be aware of your posture and the way you look. Nobody is cool when he has a piece of food stuck in his teeth. Being confident does not necessarily equal arrogance. Make sure you still remain polite and considerate of the people around you.

Step 3

Get real friends. Surround yourself with friends that are truly friends.  Try to be a good judge of character by seeing if your friends are just being nice to you because people think you are cool or because they genuinely like who you are.

Step 4

Blaze a trail of your own. Cool people are the ones who are not afraid to be different from the pack. At first you may care what people think but that is okay because, with unwavering self confidence, you can win them over. You just have to be strong in your convictions and follow the beat of your own drum.

Step 5

Speak up and be heard. Cool people are not mousy and shy. Speak up so that people can hear you. After all, you are cool and you want people to hear what you want to say. Don't shout. Just speak in a clear and understandable manner. Also, make sure that whatever you are saying is relevant to the discussion. Otherwise you will just sound like someone trying too hard.

Relax, you are heading in the right direction. You will be cool soon. It is just a matter of being patient.  Rome was not built in a day, and your rep as being cool will take some time to build.  If it doesn't happen for you and you do not become cool, remember that a lot of uncool people became great people in the end. Just take a look at Bill Gates.  Who wouldn't trade places with him?


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