How To Look Approachable

Do you wish that people would come up to talk to you more often? Do you often find yourself standing alone at parties and other social functions? If so, make sure that you are giving off the right “vibe.” For people to mingle with you, you have to look approachable. It also helps to not just attract, but approach others too. If you want solid advice to improve your love life, check out Attract and Approach. For advice on making friends without any romantic overtures, read on.

  1. Let down your barriers. Consider how your body language can be interpreted. If you are standing with your arms folded, people may believe that you do not wish to be approached. Also make sure you are not hunched over or angled away from others. If you want to be approached, angle your body towards other people. Sit or stand with an upright posture, but not too stiffly. Uncross your arms. Unless you are currently taking a sip, don’t hold your drink near your face.
  2. Stop fidgeting. Especially if you’re nervous, you may subconsciously make certain gestures. You may play with your hair, pick at your nails, or do other actions that signal to people that you’re not comfortable being there. If you look confident, people will want to approach you, believing that you have something interesting to say. Other actions, like foot tapping, can signal boredom. They can make you appear distant or lost in thought, and people may not want to interrupt your thoughts to start a conversation. Be aware of these gestures and do your best to stop. 
  3. Use your eyes. Your face can tell people that you want to be approached. If you are staring at the floor or ceiling, or bury your head in a book, this will tell people that you’re not interested in interactions. If you want to look approachable, scan the environment around you with your eyes, and briefly make eye contact with other people in the room. Eye contact makes you more of a magnetic person to others.  To learn more about this kind of magnetism, check out Elite Social Control.
  4. Smile. If you are frowning, people will assume you do not wish to talk. Smile genuinely; a warm and inviting smile can put anyone at ease. It also makes you look like you are enjoying yourself at the function. Do not grin or plaster a fake smile on your face, because people will see right through it. Once you are talking to someone, be sure to continue smiling; this will let them know that you enjoy talking with them. 
  5. Approach others. If people are not approaching you after you’ve done your best to look approachable, why not go to them? You’ll look outgoing and friendly when you are the one to strike up a conversation. The longer you wait without talking to someone, the more uncomfortable you’ll feel.People are more likely to approach those already mingling then those standing in the corner alone.

Even if you’re attractive, funny, and interesting, you must be approachable if you want people to talk to you. Make sure that you are sending the right signals by considering your body language.


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