How To Love Unconditionally

Unconditional love is thought to be one of the greatest human abilities. It is loving someone no matter what they do, say, believe, or look like. It is loving them without stipulations or expecting love or rewards in return. Unconditional love can be seen in the relationship between a mother and child where even though that child acts badly at one time or another or makes a choice that the parent disagrees with; the parent's love for that child never goes away.

In order to love someone else unconditionally, you must first love yourself and accept the fact that as humans we all have faults and blemishes, and will inevitably make mistakes.  You must be aware of your own imperfections and realize that since you are not perfect, others won't be either.

Loving someone unconditionally takes a considerable amount of effort and willpower. It requires a load of self-sacrifice as you offer to help someone even when you need help yourself or as you comfort the child who just broke your antique vase, not thinking twice about your own loss.

Unconditional love knows no boundaries. It means that you are willing to forgive those who break your heart and show understanding when others make mistakes. It means looking past negative actions and faults and seeing that person for who she is down deep and encouraging her to be the best that she can be.

If you love someone unconditionally, you will not ever set a limit on the amount of love you will give or for any certain amount of time in which you will love him.  The love is forever regardless of any circumstances or anger that may occur within your relationship.

If you love someone unconditionally, it will not be because of the clothes he wears, the job he has, his personality, humor, or other identity bearing characteristic. You will love that person only for the sake of loving him. Most of all, unconditional love for another involves allowing him to be his own person and to show his love in his own way, which may or may not be the same way you do.

Give those you love the space to grow and to make mistakes. Times will not always be easy and things will go wrong.  Don't be controlling or demanding of those you love because if you are, you are not striving to love without conditions. Love people with your heart and be understanding, caring, trusting and forgiving.


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