How To Make a Baby Shower Corsage

The expectant mother traditionally wears the baby shower corsage during the baby shower. In a way, it honors her role as a bringer of life and sets her apart from the other ladies in the event. There are some bridal showers wherein all the ladies in attendance wear baby corsages. But of course, the expectant mother’s corsage should stand out from the rest.

You can order a baby shower corsage from any florist. But if you want one of a kind baby shower corsages, why not make them yourself. Not sure how to start? Here are two ideas, one for the guests and one for the mother-to-be.

Baby shower corsages for guests

This is a cute baby shower corsage made up of baby pacifiers!  You will need tulle, ribbons, pacifiers, a glue gun, scissors and safety pins. When choosing the color of the ribbons and the pacifiers, match it to the sex of the baby if known. Otherwise, choose different pastel colors. The tulle should preferably be white or cream colored so that the pacifiers will stand out.

  • Cut a piece of tulle in a long rectangular shape. This will be the base of the corsage.
  • Fold the tulle much like a fan.
  • Pinch the tulle at one end and tie a ribbon around the pinched portion of the tulle.
  • Tie the remaining length of ribbon to the pacifier. You can insert it through the holes that are found at the base.
  • Make a bow out of the remaining ribbon.
  • Use a glue gun to further secure the ribbon and pacifier to the tulle.
  • Add other decorations to the tulle like baby charms, beads, pearls, glitter paint, felt cut-outs, stickers, small flowers and curled ribbons.
  • Attach the baby shower corsage to the guests’ lapel or left shoulder using the safety pins.

You can use a rattle instead of a pacifier for this corsage. If you find other small baby toys, you can also use these for corsages.
Mom-to-be’s baby shower corsage

You can pretty much make a similar baby shower corsage for the mom as the one above. The only difference is that, the expectant mother’s baby corsage should be bigger and more elaborate. Follow the same steps as above but with a few tweaks.

  • Instead of just one pacifier, add more. Depending on how big the pacifiers are, use at least three to five pacifiers.
  • Add fresh flowers to the baby shower corsage. You can use one big flower and several pacifiers. Or use many smaller flowers. Use floral wire and floral tape in securing and tying together the flowers.
  • Use safety pins to attach the baby shower corsage to the mom-to-be’s left side.

If you want something different, turn this corsage to a wrist corsage instead. A ribbon should be used to tie the corsage to the expectant mother’s wrist.

Other ideas

A popular type of baby shower corsage is one made of baby socks. You can find detailed instructions on how to make one in another article found in this website: Baby Shower Corsage. For a more traditional corsage, use only flowers and tulle to create the expectant mother’s baby shower corsage.

Set the mom-to-be apart from the other women at the baby shower by creating a special baby shower corsage for her. You can also make similar ones for the guests. The guests’ corsages should not be as elaborate as that of the expectant mommy’s corsage. Unleash your creativity and have fun making the baby shower corsages.


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