How To Make a Dinosaur Egg Craft Soap

It is always fun to help kids with their arts and crafts projects of just teach them new things. It makes you think and you learn new things that you did not know before. It can truly be a rewarding experience. One of the things that children are taught in schools is how to make soap. You can also do this at home, as part of the decoration for a dinosaur-themed party. There are many different molds that can be used to make the soap in different shapes. For the imaginative children, what could be a more interesting subject than dinosaurs? There were several dinosaurs that laid eggs, although it will be difficult to replicate them as the evidences that have been gathered are all fossils. Do not let this fact stop you and the kids from being creative when making dinosaur egg craft soap. Below are the instructions.

  • If you are going to use the dinosaur eggs as a party favor then count the number of children who will be attending plus some extras. A bar of soap will yield two dinosaur eggs for this project.
  • Shop for miniature plastic dinosaurs. Choose small ones that can easily fit inside an egg, about the size of a large chicken egg.
  • Buy several bars of Ivory soap, enough to make a big batch for the number of kids plus extras.
  • You may have to make several batches in different colors. Shave the bars of Ivory soap and place them inside a large Zip lock bag for each color. Add a drop or two of food coloring into the soap shavings. Add warm water into the bag. The proper proportion is one-fourth cup of warm water for every bar of soap. So you can do the math by the number of soaps you have shaved for each batch.
  • Knead the shaved soap and water until the water and soap has thoroughly mixed and you have a smooth, dough-like substance. The kids can do the kneading. For sure they will have fun while doing it.
  • Divide the soap dough into equal portions. Remember that one bar of soap is equivalent to two dinosaur eggs so it will be easy to divide each batch.
  • Get a plastic dinosaur and press it against a portion of soap dough. Work the soap around the dinosaur until it is fully covered and you have shaped the soap into an ovoid, round or oval shape. Enchanted Learning has a list of dinosaurs that laid eggs and a general description of how their eggs look like. You can even copy the names of the dinosaurs and use these to make tags for the different batches. This will help the children identify the eggs.
  • Place the eggs on wax paper and allow them to dry and harden. This could take at least an hour depending on the weather.
  • Wrap the eggs individually in wax paper and add the tag for each egg, Slip them into paper, cloth or plastic pouches. Add a warning label that the object is made of soap and should not be eaten. You never know when a small child can mistakenly think of it as food.

Use other soap bars if you want the soaps to be scented. It may take longer to knead them because most soaps are harder due to the other ingredients that are used in these types of soaps.


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