How To Make a Gift Basket Full of Goodies

When you are thinking of giving something during special occasions, it sometimes gets boring when you give the same kinds of gifts year in and year out. It can be more thoughtful if you give a gift that is personalized and well thought-of, without being too expensive. Gift baskets are perfect examples of such a gift. They are normally well-received presents because they provide the recipient with a lot of options, and it shows that the giver has made an effort to provide a gift that is personalized and thoughtful. Here are simple steps on how to create the perfect gift basket for every occasion.

  • Decide on the theme of your gift basket. Will you be sending a gift for a baptism? A wedding? Or a simple birthday? Before starting on anything, make sure that you know what kind of gift basket you are giving. It is also important that you look up the recipient’s interests and hobbies so you can include relevant items in your gift basket. If you do not know the person that well, ask his or her friends and families, so you may have an idea on what to include in the gift basket.
  • Purchase all materials. Once you have decided on the theme of your gift basket, you should now purchase the materials you will need to build the gift basket. First, look around for an inexpensive wicker basket. You may find this at your local craft store or other dollar stores. You may even find one lying around your home, from old floral bouquets sent to you over the years. Purchase some ribbon, cellophane, and some colored paper, which will be used to decorate the basket. Make sure that you have some glue handy as well.
  • Buy the contents of the gift basket. Now that you have your basket, you can now estimate how much you will buy to fill it up. If you are giving the basket for a baby shower, you can fill it with baby bottles, diapers, rattles, toys, baby towels and the like. You may even include a cute little stuffed toy to complete the look. If you are giving a birthday gift basket for a woman, you may add beauty items such as bath lotions, fragrant soaps, and bubble baths. You can even add a pretty rose to add a touch of beauty to your basket. If you plan to give a gift basket to a teenage boy, you may compile magazines, gadgets or other high-tech accessories to the basket. Everything, of course, would depend on the recipient’s interests and hobbies.
  • Assemble the basket. Once you have everything ready, place all the items inside the basket. Arrange them in an organized way, not haphazardly. Make sure that the taller items will be placed at the “back” of the basket, and the smaller ones in front. If you are having a hard time keeping the items in place, use some cardboard, sticky tape and sticks to keep everything together. You may also line the basket with crepe paper to give it an organized and professional feel.
  • Take out the cellophane. If you would want the recipient of your basket to be surprised at the contents, then pick cellophane of darker color. If not, then you may use the lighter colored ones. Wrap the cellophane around the basket from top to bottom. Using your blow-dryer, “seal” the ends of the basket by heating it up. Once the cellophane has adhered to the edges, you have now closed off the basket.
  • Add ribbons. Tie a pretty ribbon around the basket's handles to make the gift basket more festive. Add a card and a cute, personal message to finish off your wonderful gift.

When you undertake this project, you must remember that it is the thought that counts. Don't pressure yourself trying to come up with the perfect gift. The recipient will be happy enough knowing that you spent much effort trying to give him or her the perfect gift basket.


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