How To Make a Memory Jar

There are a lot of things that we assign sentiment to. From clothes given to us by our significant others to small knick-knacks that we used to collect as kids to the big buttons that grandma gave us when we were younger. You can choose to keep these little things in a box or in a drawer, but wouldn’t it be better if you kept them in a glass container for everyone to see and marvel.

You should consider keeping them in a memory jar. This is a unique place to store a few small things that meant something to you or has some sentimental value for you. Not only is it a great place to keep your small keepsakes but you can get creative and decorate the jar in ways that will help you express how much you value those items.

Here are a few tips on how to make a memory jar:

  • Pick out the jar. The first step is to pick out a good-size jar that has a large opening at the top. You can choose a jar that has a narrow neck but that could potentially limit the kind of keepsakes you can put in the jar. Make sure that it’s a heavy jar with a lid on it. Wash it out completely and then air dry it. Make sure that the whole jar is dried out totally as any droplets of water could cause water damage to the things you will put in it.
  • Decide on the theme. You need to select a theme for your jar that will represent the contents of the jar. The theme can be as personal as you want it to be so you can get materials consistent to the theme.
  • Gather the materials. You will be decorating the jar to your preferences. So it’s important that you plan out the design before you start decorating the jar. You can use paint, stickers, glittery pens, colored tape or anything you can use to decorate the jar.
  • Lay out a mat. Before starting to decorate the jar, lay down cloth or an old towel or a rubber mat on the floor work area. This will help stabilize the jar while you’re decorating it and will protect the jar from being nicked or damaged while it’s on its side on the floor.
  • Decorate the jar. Sticking to the theme, proceed to decorate the jar. Make sure that the jar is empty first before decorating. Use the materials you’ve gathered to make the outside of the jar as festive and as interesting as you can make it. Do not cover the whole jar completely as you need to be able to see the knick-knacks and keepsakes you’re keeping in the jar. You can use beads to decorate the outside of the jar.

Your memory jar will contain small items of sentimental value and so how the outside should look must reflect the sentiment and emotion associated with the things stored inside. Make the jar as creative and colorful as you can and then keep it in a place where people can admire it.


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