How To Make a Movie Night Gift Basket

Movie night is always a fun experience for you and your friends. If you are planning on having a movie night slumber party over at your place, you can prepare movie night gift baskets for your friends to take home the following day. It is really easy to make a movie night gift basket. You just need a few materials.

Follow these tips to make a movie night gift basket:

  • Materials that you need. The materials that you need for making the movie night gift basket are a large basket, cellophane, ribbons, cards, tissue paper and the items that you want to include in your movie night gift baskets. Some of the things that you can include are small soda bottles, popcorn packets, candies and treats and movie trivia booklets.
  • Prepare the basket. Lay down the basket on a flat surface or work area. Get the tissue paper and line the bottom of the basket. You can use different colored tissue paper to make the basket more appealing. You can also shred the tissue paper into long strips and use that as padding for the base of the basket. This will give height to the items that you are going to place inside the basket.
  • Arrange the items inside the basket. Now you can start arranging the items that you want to include in the gift basket. You can add popcorn packets, chocolates, candies and other food items that you usually eat while watching a movie. You can also add other items such as a small pillow, a DVD of the movie you watched or a copy of the soundtrack of the movie. You can find movie party favors on the website Party Options. Frilled picks, clapboard key chains and popcorn boxes.
  • Wrap the basket. Once you have everything inside the basket, you can now wrap it with cellophane. Place the basket at the center of a cellophane sheet and gather the edges of the sheet around the basket to cover it up. Tie the ends of the cellophane sheet together using a large ribbon or some twisties. Now you have a movie night gift basket to give to your friends to remember your movie night.
  • Attach a card. Attach a small card on the basket. You can write a simple thank you message to your friends on the card and set another date for your next movie night.

Now you know how to make a movie night gift basket. This is really easy to do as long as you have all the materials that you need. If you find that giving out a movie night gift basket can be quite expensive, another option that you have is to give out small gift bags instead of big baskets.

The next time you have your movie night, you might want to match your movie night basket to the genres of the movie that you are going to watch. You can make a horror gift basket, romantic gift basket or comedy gift basket.


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