How To Make a Non Food Gift Basket Special

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Gift baskets are great gift ideas for the holidays or any occasion. You can personalize your present according to what the recipient likes. You can give gift baskets for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or any celebration for that matter. You can even give your friends and family gift baskets even if there is no occasion, if you just feeling like giving them something special. We have been so used in giving and receiving food gift baskets. This is a twist on that idea. Instead of food, why not put goodies instead? Read on to learn how to make a non food gift basket.

  • Ask. It pays to know what kinds of things the person you will give the basket to that she likes. She will appreciate it very much if her favorite things are in the gift basket. Take time to ask her what her gift preferences are. Or if you are planning it as a surprise, ask subtly so that she will not have a clue that you will be giving her a gift basket full of her favorite goodies.
  • Shop for the goodies. When shopping for your gift, consider the things that you have asked her about her likes. If she is fond of using moisturizers, bath soaps and lotions, head for the beauty section at the mall. Give her hobby supplies, whatever her hobby is. You can also give her assorted things and not just have one theme for the gift, as long as she likes everything in the basket.
  • Pick a nice basket. When choosing which basket to use, consider the things that you will put in it. The right size is very important. You do not want to give a big basket with only a few things in it. Make sure that everything will fit inside the basket without too much extra space. There are baskets with our without handles. You can buy either of the two.
  • Arrange the basket. Once you have bought the goodies and the basket, arrange them according to height so that everything can be seen and nothing will be hidden from sight. Put colored paper on the basket floor and make it overflow to the sides to add design.
  • Add fillers. If the basket has some space that makes the goodies wobble and fall inside the basket, you can put some potpourri or small pieces of cut paper to fill the basket and avoid toppling the goodies. If you are done with the arrangement, wrap the basket with colored clear plastic and tie the top with a pretty bow to secure the basket.
  • Put a card on the basket of goodies. Finish off by placing a card with a greeting for the celebrant. Match the greeting card with the occasion. Place a double-sided tape on the colored plastic to make the card stick. Write a dedication for the celebrant on the card.

Now that you have finished making your non food gift basket, you are now ready to hand it to the celebrant. You can include balloons or a bouquet of flower along with the gift basket to make it more special and meaningful. Use your imagination and creativity when planning on what kind of gift to give to a friend or family member.


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