How To Make a Roller Skate Party Invitation

Hosting a party includes a lot of preparation. You need to think of the details from the place where the party will be held to the foods that will be served to your guests. You also need to do the invitation. This is very important because this will let your guests know about the details on your party. It’s even more fun if you have a theme for your party like a roller skating theme. Your invitation should also be based on your party’s theme. If your party’s theme is roller skating, you can make a roller skate party invitation. You can definitely do this because it’s fun and easy to make.

Here are the steps on how to make a roller skate party invitation:

  • Buy the things that you will need in making a roller skate party invitation. The materials that you will need are glue, yarn, scissors, eraser, pencil, markers, hole puncher, glitter and construction paper.
  • Get a construction paper and fold it at the center. Put the folded construction paper on top of the table. The folded part should be at the bottom and the opening should be on top so that the heel of the skate will be on the folded part. Draw an outline of a roller skate using a pencil. If you have a roller skate stencil you can trace this on the construction paper. You can also use a roller skate cookie cutter. Do not include the wheels when drawing the roller skate. Card stock can also be used instead of construction paper.
  • Use the scissors to cut the outline. Do not cut the fold so that the heels will still be connected. Get another construction paper. Use a different color than the first one you used. You will use this for the wheels of the roller skate. Trace 4 small circles on the construction paper using a cap. These will serve as the wheels of the roller skate. Cut the circles using scissors.
  • Paste the circles on the roller skate so that it will have wheels. Use a glue to paste these. Get the scrap from the first construction paper and draw 4 smaller circles. Cut the smaller circles and paste these at the center of the bigger circles. If you want the wheels to move, you can also use brass pronged fastener.
  • Write a message on the invitation. Write something catchy like “Let’s ROCK and ROLLer Skate!” or “Join the Roller Skating Fun!” Write the details of the party such as where it will be held, the date and time of the party and what they have to wear if you have a dress code. Use the markers and glitters to design the roller skate invitation.
  • Put a shoelace on the roller skate invitation. Once you’re done with the design and the details, punch holes on the side of the roller skate for the shoelace. Use the yarn as your shoelace or if you want, you can use a real shoelace.

You can now send the invitations to your guests. If you will be mailing the invitations, you can use large envelopes so that the roller skate invitations will fit. If you will personally deliver the invitations to your guests, you can give these without an envelope.


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