How To Make a Thank-You Card with Rubber Stamps

Are you sick and tired of the commercially available greeting cards in the market that limit your options? If so, consider making your own cards. Say that you want to send out a thank you card to a couple that accommodated and took care of you on a previous trip. Normally you will send a thank-you card to them, which you may pick out at your local gift shop. The only problem is that there are very few card designs to choose from.

If that is the case, you will definitely delimit your options by creating one that provides you the ability to integrate your personal touch to the card. You can do this with rubber stamps that can definitely provide a more professional inking image on the card. Rubber stamps can be purchased ready to use with various images and textures or you can have them custom-made. It is entirely up to you.

  • Start with the card. A thank you card is not your typical greeting card. A thank you card tends to be smaller and more concise since the meat of your message is the “thank you” that you will write down on it. Hence, you will need to cut down your cardstock paper down to size. The most recommended dimensions will be 8 by 4. The length would be 4 inches while the width at 8 inches. This will allow you to fold the card much like a greeting card. If you do not like the folded design and merely want a single open faced card, then cut the paper 4 by 4. Make sure to use white or any light colored variant for the paper.
  • Choose the stamps. Now that you have the card, you will need to get the rubber stamps that you will be using to print the images and text on the card. Mosey on down to the nearest office supply store or, if you have one near you, an ink stamping specialty store. They will have stamps ready to use chiseled with a variety of images. You can choose from the selection available. If the store allows it, you can have the stamp design custom-made as well. Basically, you will want to at least 2 stamps. 1 stamp for the image and 1 stamp for the big “Thank You” text. For the image stamp, try to think of something that can symbolize your friendship with the particular person you are sending the card to, an inside joke perhaps or the image of a favorite cartoon character. It is up to what you think the person will appreciate. If you feel that you need more images on the card then order more rubber stamps with different images. Make sure to purchase stamp ink and a pad while you are at the store as well.
  • Stamp and color. Once you get back home, use the image stamp to plaster the image onto the card. For instance, if you got an image of a cute dog, then press the rubber stamp into the ink pad and transfer the image onto the card. If you are using a 2 fold card, use the front part of the fold for the image. Once that is done, proceed to stamp the “Thank you” text onto the card either at the front of the fold or at the inside of the card. Since the image is plain, you may want to add color and life to the image by inking it with colored markers, crayons, or watercolor.

Once you are done with the design, write a short note telling the person how much you appreciated what he has done for you. The design and image on the card are only secondary. The most important part would be the message handwritten on the card.


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