How To Make a Washer Board Game

Are you looking for a fun game that your family can enjoy? Well, you have come to the right place. The washer board game is one of the most popular outdoor and indoor games today and involves shooting metal washers through holes in a board. Each hole signifies a specific number of points, the hole with the higher points are typically the more difficult holes to shoot at. The best part about the game is that you can make the board with the holes at home. Here are the steps to do that.

  • Cut the hole. Get a piece of plywood or board with the dimension of 4 by 2. At the exact center of the wood, draw a hole with a diameter of 3 inches. You can do this by measuring for the center first. Mark the center with a pencil. To measure the 3 inch diameter, simply cut a string and tie each end to a pencil. Place one pencil on the center mark and extend the other pencil and use that as a guide to draw the circle. That will be the hole you will be cutting. You can use a jigsaw to cut the hole through and through. To make the hole smooth, simply run a wood file or sandpaper along its edges.
  • Repeat the process. For the washer board game, you will need 2 to 3 holes with varying difficulties. Each hole will represent certain points once you shoot the metal washer through it successfully. That said repeat the process to make two more holes using two more pieces of plywood or board.
  • Prop the boards. Once you complete each of the boards, prop it up with bricks or hollow blocks. You can also build board stands using wood. The board with the hole that can give higher points on every successful shot should be placed slightly higher than the hole with the lower points. At the same time, the higher point hole should be located farther from the player to increase difficulty in the shot. When propping the boards up, make sure to set it at an angle facing the player tossing the metal washer.
  • Place a catcher. After propping the boards into an angled and elevated position, make sure to place a catching pan under each of the boards so that every metal washer tossed will harmlessly fall into the pan. The pan should be lined with foam so that it will not bounce and potentially hit someone in the near vicinity.
  • Make it fancy. This may be optional but can add more life to your washer game board. You can paint the top side of each board a different color. In addition, you can label the points of each hole on the board as well so that the players know what they are shooting for. However, bear in mind that since you will be tossing heavy objects, the paint may likely chip through the course of the game.

Now that the holes and boards are in place, challenge your buddies and family to a nice game. Serve some refreshments and snacks as well since this game can really work up an appetite.


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