How To Make a Workplace Pregnancy Comfortable

Working in an office when you are pregnant can be uncomfortable, especially if you are past your first trimester. There are different changes that you have to cope with and the stress that you get in your work environment does not make things easier. This can affect both you and your child’s health.

There are some things that you can do in order to make your workplace more comfortable for you when you are pregnant. These will definitely make working in an office a more bearable experience. Just follow these tips so that you can have a wonderful time in the office:

  • Shift your work schedule. Ask your boss if you can shift your work schedule so that you can be more efficient at work and also be more comfortable. Some women experience morning sickness that is unbearable. You can have a flexi-time schedule so that you can go to work at times where you are feeling well. This will also allow you to go to your doctor’s appointments without missing work.
  • Avoid heavy work and standing. Bosses are understanding to the needs of pregnant employees. If you have to do some physical tasks, such as carrying heavy equipment or delivering papers to different floors in the office, it is best to leave the work to your other co-workers. Your boss will understand and will be happy to give the job to someone else. Another thing to do is to avoid standing. If your work entails having to stand all day, maybe you can do other office work that will not require you to stand at all times.
  • Wear a nose mask. If you work with harmful chemicals, it is best to wear a nose mask at all times. Inhaling harmful chemicals can be hazardous to both you and your baby’s health. This is not only for those who work in factories or laboratories. Pregnant women tend to be more sensitive to smells of perfume, certain foods, etc. This may make you nauseated so it is best to be ready with a nose mask at all times.
  • Bring a cushion. When you go to work, bring a cushion that you can sit on. It is hard to be comfortable working, even if you are sitting down when you are pregnant. By having a cushion handy, you can adjust the comfort level of your seat by putting the cushion behind your back or by sitting on it. Having comfortable seating can do wonders for a pregnant woman.

These are some of the things that you can do to make your workplace more comfortable when you are pregnant. Most businesses and companies adjust pregnant women’s work so do not be shy to your boss when requesting something that will make you feel more comfortable and improve your work performance. It is also wise if you consult your physician regarding the work that you do in your office and ask if it is safe for you to continue doing it while pregnant or if it is best for you to take a pregnancy leave from work.


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