How To Make Baby Girl Gift Baskets

Baby gift baskets are a common sight when someone is about to give birth or has given birth to a baby. Hence, when you decide to give a baby girl basket to your friend, it is so hard to become unique. This is true especially that baby gift baskets can now be purchased in stores these days. Though a mother will appreciate such kind of gift basket, she will appreciate it more if you personalize your gift to them. It will be helpful if you think out of the box and start making your own version of a gift basket. Follow this guide so you can create a unique and personalized basket that the mother will surely love:

  • Decide on the container for the gift. A baby basket is not anymore the traditional stuff that is carried in a literal basket. If you wish to be different, you can think of great containers that will match any theme of your choice. For instance, if the baby is born on a summer day, you can choose a beach pail to serve as the container of the gifts. You can also choose other things such as diaper bag, a big hat, and the like. However, there is still nothing wrong with purchasing a regular basket if you prefer to follow traditions.
  • Decorate the container for the gift that you have chosen. A colored tissue, shredded paper, or a clean cloth can work well to decorate the insides of the container. You can even ribbon out a piece of cloth on the basket's handle. Use your creativity and imagination when decorating the gift basket for best results.
  • Decide on the baby gifts you want to include in the gift basket. There are a lot of things you can include in the basket. In fact, the options are actually endless. You can add socks, burp cloths, blanket, snap-t-shirts, and onesies. There are also options of toys such as rattles and rubber duckies.
  • Add some gifts for the parents. Baby gift baskets are not only limited to gifts that the baby can use. You can add more thought in your basket if you will include some gifts for the parents such as "It's a Girl" pins, gift certificates, and the like. In fact, you can even personalize a gift certificate for a free babysitting night with you so the parents can relax and go to the movies, restaurants, and massage.
  • Arrange all the gift items nicely in the container. With the basket fully decorated, arrange all your gifts nicely so that every item shows from the inside. Once done, add some finishing touches to the basket such as adding a personal note, adding more decorations like balloons and flowers, and the like.

There is no better way to show how happy you are in welcoming a baby girl to your circle than giving the parents a gift basket. With all the stuff inside, you can be certain that you have made the life of the parents a little easier even if what you are giving are just simple material things. If you add your personal touch to the gift, the more the appreciation there will be on the part of the baby girl's family.


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